Entrepreneur Develops Odor-Trapping Underwear

Australians can now buy odor-trapping underwear designed to stop flatulence in its tracks.

The specially treated men's jocks are infused with nanotechnology designed to prevent less than savoury smells passing through fabric.

The Australian entrepreneur behind the wind-breaking scheme admitted, however, he was powerless to prevent the embarrassment of a noisy flatulent faux pas in polite company.

Gilbert Huynh said he dreamed up the concept of 4SKINS smell- resistant underwear after suffering from the fruity emissions of family members.

"I just thought wouldn't it be great if I could come up with an underwear range where not only was it comfortable for the wearer, but also gave great benefits to the individual as well," he said.

"If it helped reduce the amount of smell, that would be a great point of difference."

After two years of research and development - including hands-on road testing by 50 volunteers - Huynh settled on a solution that combined comfort and style with pong-stopping power.

The secret to the garment's success against the methane menace is a fabric technology dubbed Neutraliser.
Invented by Nano-Tex, unlike other solutions aimed at reducing odor, the treatment is applied to individual fibers.

This ensures it doesn't wear off over time while also allowing the garment - and those around its wearer - to breathe.

"I did wear it myself and did some basic tests,"  Huynh said. "Then family and friends I gave it to came back to me and said 'this really works.'"