Donald Trump's 'Make America Great Again' baseball hat lights up Twitter

Donald Trump has made a lot of headlines in recent weeks, stemming from his comments on illegal immigration during his announced bid for the presidency. But the real estate mogul's latest sensation isn't what's coming out of his mouth, but a baseball hat that's setting social media on fire.

According to the Daily Mail, Trump visited the U.S.-Mexico border, in Laredo, Texas, last Thursday wearing a "Make America Great Again" white ball cap with blue lettering. The hat's trademarked slogan refers to Trump's campaign message, and it's generating a lot of attention -- good, bad, and humorous.

One thing he may not have counted on -- but is now cashing in -- was the excited online reaction from Twitter users who clamored for the hat to go on sale. One user tweeted, what a pity it was that the hat wasn't yet available in an online store. However, a Trump spokesman has since confirmed that the much-in-demand hat would go on sale at his campaign site, and it's already available at Trump Tower in Manhattan. And while many have ridiculed the hat on social media, according to WABC, the headwear, which cost $20-$25, sold out quickly over the weekend.

Trump received positive Twitter reactions to the hat, with people supporting the hat's message and joking that the hat should be Trump's running mate (although that could also be seen as sarcasm). Of course, there were plenty of opposing reactions as well. Heck, someone has already created a Twitter handle for the hat, turning the whole thing into a farce. Some users stressed that reporters should ask the tycoon to show them the hat's label, to really see where the hat was made.

In case you were wondering, "Make America Great Again" hats are made in America, according to a Trump spokesperson.