Disney bringing touch controls to body parts, water, more

Next-gen touch sensor technology will allow people to control devices by touching parts of their body, according to Disney.

The team that bought us Mickey Mouse has demonstrated a new technology that can sense hand gestures on the human body, everyday objects and even liquids.


Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, believe the new system -- known as Touché -- will do away with touch screens and allow users to answer mobile phones by simply gesturing on the palm of their hand.

Researchers said the technology works by using a sensing circuit to monitor how the electrical signal passing through an object changes when touched by a conductive material -- such as a human finger.

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Using multiple frequencies, the system can distinguish the touch of a single finger, multiple fingers, a full-hand grasp and many other touch gestures.

The sensing electrode attached to the object and a computer is able to analyze the changing signals to identify the particularly gesture in use.

The team at Disney Research said the technology could be used by people to control an MP3 player by using touch gestures on their own body

“One day mobile phones could have no screen or buttons and rely exclusively on the body as the input surface,” the video demonstration says.

The video also says the gesture sensor could create a smart doorknob that knows how it’s being grasped and then trigger different functions.

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