Hacking attacks on South Korea dating back over four years are all down to a group called the DarkSeoul gang, Internet security experts have suggested.

The latest attacks -- on both North and South Korean websites -- took place earlier this week on the 63rd anniversary of the Korean War.

Internet security company Symantec studied the malicious software code used and linked it with previous hacking. It believes the group was also behind the March 2013 attack which hit tens of thousands of PCs and wiped data at several major broadcasters and banks in South Korea.

The finger of suspicion had previously fallen on North Korea but the communist state has denied being responsible.

In its blog, Symantec said it was hard to identify whether the DarkSeoul gang is working on behalf of any country, but noted that the attacks are always politcally-motivated and required financial backing to carry out.

"We can now attribute multiple previous high-profile attacks to the DarkSeoul gang over the last 4 years against South Korea, in addition to yesterday’s attack," said Symantec.

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