CuteCircuit's tshirtOS Brings LED Tech to Your Wardrobe

When we first heard about CuteCircuit's tshirtOS a few months ago, we thought it was a cool concept but nothing more. Now the company has released an extensive promo video, detailing what the T-shirt does in a fun way that tells the story of two young guys out for a night on the town with their latest tech ensemble.

The London fashion company is working on releasing a T-shirt that features 1024-pixel LED technology. Although the video doesn't highlight how the shirt actually works, it does indicate that by hooking your smartphone up to the shirt, you can display information from the Internet, social networks, texts and camera onto the front of the T-shirt. Pretty cool.

Using smart textiles and micro electronics, CuteCircuit has already put LED clothing on the market in couture clothing and features three collections: the Pret-a-Porter Collection, the Haute Couture Collection and the Special Projects collection, whose designs have been worn on such celebs as Katy Perry.

Although there's still no word on when this innovative T-shirt will actually hit the market, its possibilities for social integration are endless.