Twitter has received an unprecedented surge of users amid the global coronavirus pandemic and U.S. protests.

Average daily user growth spiked 34 percent in the second quarter, the company said Thursday, the largest jump in users ever recorded.

In an earnings call, CEO Jack Dorsey addressed the growth as the world sheltered at home.

“We continue to see headwinds from lower global advertising demand due to COVID and civil unrest,” Dorsey said.


The chaotic time of now is also forcing a pullback by advertisers on Twitter.

Twitter executives deflected questions on another challenge: a social media ad boycott running for at least the month of July, and therefore not counted in the second quarter.

Facebook is the primary target of the boycott by hundreds of advertisers over its policies and actions on hate speech and misinformation. Its effect on Twitter is less clear, with some advertisers pausing ads on all social media, though some analysts believe some ad dollars could be redirected away from Facebook to Twitter.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.