Cold War photo on Reddit connects soldiers’ grandsons in amazing coincidence

Reddit isn't all cute puppies and AMA's - sometimes it's a place for unlikely connections and coincidences.

Like that of two users, menace2impropriety and JustGimmeSomeTruth, who realized their grandfathers were best friends while serving in the U.S. Army during the Cold War.

JustGimmeSomeTruth posted an image of his grandfather posing in front of a helicopter in Greenland from 1955.

Menace2impropriety recognized the photo and identified the soldier in the image as Warrant Officer Northcutt, best friend to his own grandfather, Warrant Officer Mays.

The user wrote, "My grandfather (WO Mays) and your grandfather (WO Northcutt) were best friends. My grandfather accompanied your grandfather’s body back to Illinois. Here is a picture of them on a boat that I already had on my computer, but my grandad has many more."

"Your grandfather, Warrant Officer Northcutt was flying the H-13 Sioux that my grandfather normally flew," the user added. "However, my grandfather was recovering from a tragic incident that occurred on his first operational flight, from which he suffered PTSD and frostbite. He was eventually awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions that day - story here. Your grandfather helped my grandfather cope with the events of that day but was sadly killed three months later, which compounded my grandfather’s grief significantly. He wants to know how your family is doing."

Menace2impropriety also said WO Northcutt was killed in a crash while flying the same helicopter WO Mays was typically assigned to.

The two users have connected off of Reddit and shared more photos and stories. See the full interaction in the Old School Cool subreddit.