China and Japan are deadlocked over control of an island chain in the East China Sea, but now a nationalist newspaper is letting gamers decide the issue -- with force.

Chinese newspaper Global Times has launched an Internet game called "Recover the Diaoyu Islands," which lets players control a People's Liberation Army vessel and shoot Japanese ships and planes, the South China Morning Post reports.

"The Chinese nation's determination to protect the Diaoyu Islands is unwavering!" the game declares. Victory is achieved when players guide the ship to an island and successfully avoid the Japanese forces.

The Diaoyu Islands, which are known as the Senkaku Islands in Japan, were placed in Japan’s control after a post-World War II agreement with the U.S. in 1972.

Last year, Japan nationalized ownership of the uninhabited islands -- which used to be privately owned, the South China Morning Post reports.

Since then, China’s Foreign Ministry has declared sovereignty over the islands, calling it a “core interest,” to claim them for China.

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