China demand for Apple iPad Mini is 'insatiable'

If there was minimal consumer turnout for the iPad mini’s debut in China, it wasn’t for lack of interest. Demand for the device in the world’s most populous country appears as high there as it is any other market.

Topeka analyst Brian White says his checks in Hong Kong and China indicate “insatiable” demand for the iPad mini, which launched in those countries in early November and December, respectively. Nearly all models of the diminutive iPad sold out in Hong Kong and China last week, with sources at Apple’s three retail stores in Hong Kong and eight in China reporting stock-outs or significantly constrained supply.

Says White, “Similar to Hong Kong, we are being told by contacts in China that the iPad mini is already more popular than the fourth-generation iPad.”

As Apple ramps up production of the device, it will only gather more momentum in China, and other markets as well.
“Prior to the China launch, we indicated that the iPad mini would be the ‘next big thing in China,’ and we believe this phenomenon is starting to develop,” says White. “In our view, the smaller form factor and lower price point will allow Apple to sell the iPad mini in more meaningful volumes versus the regular-size iPad.”

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