Gadgets have a unique ability to change our lives and the latest and greatest are at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. A new smart toothbrush means fewer trips to the dentist. A pillow that gently moves your head to reduce snoring means your spouse won’t stay up all night. In 2020, new gadgets like these are designed to improve your life.

1. Samsung Ballie

Available: TBD

While it’s not clear when this tiny rolling robot will ship, one thing is clear -- it looks amazing. The ball can control smart home devices and tell when you have completed tasks.

2. Motion Pillow

Motion Pillow (Motion Pillow/10minds)

Available: Now

Sleep tech keeps improving, but this smart pillow doesn’t just tell you how you slept or connect to an app. It gently moves your head to encourage less snoring.

3. Colgate Plaqless Pro Smart Electric Toothbrush

Available: Later this year

Some connected toothbrushes will tell you how often you brush, but this new model tells you where to brush. A sensor knows if you have removed enough film from your teeth.


4. Razer Tomahawk Gaming Case

Available: This year

PC gaming is back in full force, especially with the advent of e-sports. This small case is modular and compact, so you can swap out components easily.

5. Townew Trash Can

Townew Trash Can. (Townew)

Available: Now

This high-tech trash can sense when the garbage is overflowing and seals the bag automatically, reducing odors. Once you remove a bag, another one replaces it.

6. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Available: Spring 2020

Smaller and less obtrusive, this new smart lock works with your phone and doesn’t require an extra hub. Instead, it connects directly to your home wireless network.


7. HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop

HP Elite Dragonfly Laptop (HP)

Available: February

The major new feature on this laptop is 5G service, which is rolling out nationwide in 2020. It means easier access to the Internet and connected devices.