A California school district is using GPS devices to keep tabs on students with a history of cutting class.

As part of a volunteer six-week pilot program, the Anaheim Union High School District is outfitting seventh and eighth grade students with more than three unexcused absences this school year with handheld GPS devices, the OC Register reported.

The students then get an automated phone call every school day reminding them to get to school on time and are required to ender a code that tracks their location during their departure for school, arrival at school, lunch period, departure from school and at 8 p.m, the paper reported.

They also get assigned a coach who checks in with them at least three times a day and helps ensure they get to class on time.

In exchange for their participation, students avoid other consequences like continuation school or prosecution, the Register reported.

About 75 students are taking part in the roughly $18,000 program, which is funded by a state grant, the paper reported.

After the six weeks, district officials will determine whether to expand the program to high schools and other junior highs.