Blue Microphones' Nessie Adaptive USB Mic, Adjusts in Real Time

Nessie's been spotted at CES 2013! No, not that Nessie. Blue Microphones has announced its latest product, an adaptive USB microphone called Nessie. Priced at an affordable $99.99, the mic will come in handy for musicians or podcasters who can't afford to record in a studio. The mic has a built-in pop-filter and adapts in real time, applying professional studio processing to eliminate unwanted hisses and pops. There's also adaptive processing such as EQ and level control that smooths out the audio in real time.

Nessie is compatible with both Mac and PC without any driver installation. The mic can also be used with an iPad using Apple's camera adapters. It features three recording modes that are optimized to capture richer audio and more detail from instruments. There's also a raw audio option good for post-production editing. The microphone also has a zero-latency headphone output for direct monitoring, which gets rid of any delay.

Blue Microphones goes light on the buttons, adding buttons for headphone volume and mute. The head is also flexible so it can be positioned along difficult angles. Consumers searching for the entry-level usability and pricing with professional audio results will want to check out the Nessie.