Bizarre glitch is transforming Pokemon after they're caught in 'Pokemon GO'

There's no question that the "Pokemon GO" servers have been significantly more stable ever since Niantic released its highly controversial update over the weekend, but the developers appears to have created a bizarre glitch as well.

Over on the "Pokemon GO" subreddit, several players are complaining about a glitch that transforms Pokemon after their caught. For example, although you might see a Caterpie on the map, tap on it and catch it with a Poke Ball, the confirmation screen shows a different Pokemon being added to your collection.

At times this can be a pleasant surprise, such as when one trainer caught a Caterpie that turned into a Charizard. But for others, it's a huge disappointment to discover that they just spent their last great ball on an Ekans:

It's unclear exactly why this is happening, but it's arguably a much more significant bug than the "three-step glitch" that had everyone up in arms over the past two weeks. Even more troubling is the fact that players can spend real world money to replenish their Poke Ball stock, so that's going to lead to even more frustration when they find out they wasted resources on the wrong Pokemon.

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Niantic has been especially cagey lately, but in a short update released this morning, the developer assured players that it would do a better job of communicating in the future. Hopefully they follow through and respond to this glitch quickly.