Biggest announcements from 2012 E3 gaming show

E3, the big video game conference in Los Angeles is just wrapping up for 2012. While we didn't have any big new hardware announcements like a new Playstation, we did get to see the future of gaming -- and it's all about multiple screens.

Here are some of the stories that made headlines this year.

Xbox SmartGlass: a second screen for the Xbox 360 
Microsoft had my jaw on the floor when it announced plans to open up the Xbox 360 to iPads, iPhones and Android devices through a free smartphone app it calls SmartGlass.

Basically you launch the app and it automatically connects to your Xbox. It won't necessarily replace your controller but I imagine using it to look at a map in a game or calling football plays in the newest version of Madden.

At the show, Microsoft demonstrated watching a movie on a tablet and then continuing it on the Xbox 360.

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Nintendo WiiU
Last year Nintendo announced the WiiU, the follow up to the massively popular, get-off-the-couch-and-play-tennis Nintendo Wii. This year Nintendo didn't make many waves by announcing that the new WiiU will support two controllers.

The WiiU controller has a screen in your hands and controls along the side. Okay, not that exciting. I wish the company would follow Microsoft's lead and let me play Mario or Kid Icarus on my iPad. No such luck.

Sony's Games
Sony made the most ripples in the gaming community this year. The company had a ton of announcements for the hardcore and the casual gamer alike. Beyond: Two Souls, Far Cry 3 and Assassin's Creed III all great games that looked impressive and certainly had the crowd oohhhing and ahhhing.

Sony's demo of the game The Last of Us looked absolutely amazing too, with realistic fighting and incredible gameplay. Well done, Sony. 

Star Wars 1313
There was no bigger announcement this year than Star Wars 1313, the new game from LucasArts. Star Wars 1313 is a mature-themed game that lets you play as a bounty hunter instead of a Jedi.

I think it's safe to say that this game stole the show for its jaw dropping gameplay. Every detail on every character's face is brought to life and the body movements are fluid and real, thanks to stunning motion capture technology.

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