A pair of white tennis shoes sporting a rainbow Apple logo will go up for live auction on Ebay Sunday.

Bidding for the sneakers starts at a hefty $15,000. The shoes are expected to be from the 1990’s and are a size 9 ½. They’re being sold by Heritage Live Auctions and are estimated to go for between $24,000 and $36,000. According to the Heritage M&C Art twitter account, the sneakers were only available for employees to buy because they never made it past the prototype stage, making them a rare find.

Although the sneakers were never sold to the public, they were not Apple's first apparel attempt. Apple also experimented with clothing in the 1980s, ranging from hats to sweatshirts.


The sneakers are expected to sell well based on previous
Apple-related product auctions. Apple fans have gone crazy for Apple memorabilia in the past. A private vendor sold a bathrobe belonging to Steve Jobs for $1,600 as well as a leather jacket owned by Jobs for more than $22,000.

You can find the auction listing here.