As far as Nintendo is concerned, the NES Classic is now discontinued. The only stock left is already in the supply chain, and it looks as though Best Buy managed to get some, possibly all of what's left. Today, that stock will be offered in Best Buy stores.

You couldn't pre-order online, and you couldn't reserve one for store pick up. Best Buy is instead offering an unknown amount of stock on a first-come, first-served basis to anyone who travels to a store. It's pot luck whether your local store(s) get stock or not.

Some stores will be using a ticket system to ensure those who turn up first get first dibs on what stock there is. The Verge confirmed several New York stores will be doing this.

If you are desperate to own a NES Classic, then it may be worth traveling to a few Best Buy stores first thing this morning. However, you'll likely find a line of people who arrived earlier and are also waiting to buy one.

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Is it really worth the hassle? When you consider a superior NES Classic can be created using a Raspberry Pi, then probably not. And don't forget we're now expecting Nintendo to launch a SNES Classic soon. Demand for that will be just as high, if not higher, but hopefully Nintendo realizes this time and produces more of them.

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