Beach Buggy Blitz Hands-On: Android Racing Game Could Prove Addictive

If you enjoy playing racing games on your Android device,  we've vound your next addiction. Developed by Vector Unit, makers of the popular Riptide GP jetski racing game, Beach Buggy Blitz features a character in a -- you guessed it -- beach buggy racing through a series of environments from beaches to tunnels to volcanoes. As you move along in the game, you pick up coins which you are able to later redeem for a better vehicle, a different avatar or other enhancements.

What's interesting about this free-to-play game is that the race is endless. Provided you don't get sick of the game and turn it off, there's no lap time, so according to a Vector Unit rep we spoke to, it could go on forever. When you hit an object, you don't crash and burn, but the rep did tell us that you could get stuck in the water and need to reset, but there's not a traditional way to "die" in the game.

At Vector Unit's Google I/O  booth, we got a brief demo of Beach Buggy Blitz and were impressed with the graphics and the casual but fun style of play. A rep told us that, as with Riptide GP, certain graphics features such as extra detail mapping on the terrain and water splashes only appear when you have a Tegra 3 CPU. Like Riptide GP, you can control Beach Buggy Blitz either with the accelerometer, the touch screen or an external controller.

Beach Buggy Blitz will be available as a free download from the Google Play store within the next few weeks. Android gamers should definitely check it out.