If you've been using Microsoft's new operating system, Windows 10, or its new Web browser, Microsoft Edge, you might find yourself liking Microsoft again. Or you might just be liking Microsoft more than you already did.

Both Windows 10 and Edge boast improvements over their predecessors. Windows 10, for instance, has an always-improving virtual assistant, Cortana. Edge has cool features, like Web Note and Reading List.

Note: Windows 10's downside is its cumbersome privacy settings. Check out this program to take control of the private information you're sharing with them.

If you're liking Microsoft these days, you may also be using Microsoft Office 365. That's its newest version of the Office suite you've been using forever. That includes Word for word processing, Excel for spreadsheets, and PowerPoint for presentations.

What you may not know is that there a few dozen free apps for Microsoft Office 365 that are designed to increase your productivity, help you study smarter, create documents and edit videos. There are apps to teach you how to write computer code, compile your work in a virtual portfolio, create your own cartoon and much more.

For work: There are apps like Explee, so you can create animated presentations. The app, Do, helps you run well organized meetings.

For school: Whether your kids, grandchildren, or you need help to study, Extend Office 365 has several apps that can help. Those include Mathletics, to practice mathematics. For teachers, WriterKey helps you to teach writing; JogNog has prepared quizzes in science, math, and social studies.

For you to stay organized: Evercontact keeps your contacts' information up to date, by automatically identifying new email addresses and phone numbers; Calendly shares your calendar with other people, so they can see when you're available for a meeting. For fun, try apps like the WeVideo video editor.

There are many other Extend Office 365 apps. Explore them, to see which ones will help you achieve your goals each day.

Note: While the Extend Office 365 apps are free, you need to pay for Microsoft Office 365, if you don't already have it. On Amazon, subscriptions are available for roughly $58; the Home & Student Edition key card goes for about $110. There are plenty of free, good alternatives to Microsoft Office, like this one.

Click here to download. Find the app you want to use >> click on the green Free Trial Add button. Note: The apps are free. Sign in to complete each download.

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