'Battlefield 1' review: Through the blood and beauty

The “Battlefield” franchise has been one of the leading titles in First-Person Shooter games for more than a decade, and the newest installment does not disappoint. All titles in this series are war-based simulators set in different eras. The many “Battlefield” games offer myriad technology and weaponry to keep gameplay feeling fresh with each new release.

The single-player campaign brings the player through five different war stories, each with its own main character and unique focus of gameplay. This could take you into the mud-filled roads as a tank driver, fighting off enemy pilots in the skies, or ambushing a war train in the desert. These stories are told through a beautiful narration of that story’s main character. Inspiring music also make it that much more dramatic. The campaign will take you through each backstory to ensure you are well connected and involved with the characters you play. Each of the stories should take you no more than an hour to complete. It will be a short experience, but it keeps you engaged.


The scenery is breathtaking in “Battlefield 1” - you may, for example, be distracted by the sunset over the beautiful snowy mountain tops when you are engaging in aerial combat. Every location in “Battlefield 1”, multiplayer or campaign, is well detailed and scenic in its own way.

“Battlefield” truly shines in its multiplayer experience, as it has in previous titles. Players can customize equipment and their preferred weapons for every available class. The four main classes are Assault, Medic, Support and Sniper – each role plays a part in helping secure the objective. The game also offers new classes: Pilot, Driver, Cavalry and Elite. The Elite class is actually an in-game upgrade that could drastically change the tides in battle.


Although “Battlefield 1” is filled with beautiful excitement and great story telling, the game has some shortcomings. While playing online, players will have to navigate through customization menus, which actually take some time to load. Having to spend a few extra seconds in the menus every now and then can become irritating. Not being able to customize your classes from the home screen doesn’t make it any easier. Also, the weaponry is a little limited. Each class has maybe three to four weapons to choose from. When you level up to your preferred class, you unlock the same gun, with minor adjusted stats. These are all things that could be fixed in an upcoming patch.

Verdict: 9/10

“Battlefield 1” is a well-made First-Person Shooter, which delivers in every area of the game. The story telling is deep and exciting. Online multiplayer is action packed and full of personal adventure. Whichever route you choose, you will enjoy the experience of playing the game.