'Battlefield 1' beta takes players to the Sinai in free download

On Wednesday, everyone was finally able to play the "Battlefield 1" open beta, the long-awaited next installment to one of the most prolific first-person shooter series to date. The beta version is now downloadable for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Play it while you can, since there’s no word on when the open beta will end.

The "Battlefield 1" beta takes place in the Sinai desert and has two game modes, Conquest and Rush.

The Battlefield series is well-known for its realistic war-like gameplay. Traversing diverse maps while watching jets, tanks and jeeps drive by (all controlled by actual players) gives you the feeling of how extensive the game really is.

"Battlefield 1" also introduces new ways of traveling the Sinai desert. If you want a throwback to earlier times, try horseback riding. If you want something completely new, try the Behemoth: a deadly armored train equipped with a diverse arsenal to help turn the tides in battle.


Of the two available modes, Conquest is the largest-scale: up to 64 players can engage in a war, and fight to control major points within the entire map.

Rush is a smaller-scale battle mode with just attackers and defenders. The attacking team must locate and destroy the defending team’s telegraphs posts. Those posts can be used to call artillery to assist in battle. If a telegraph post is destroyed, the defending team must retreat to the next set of defensive points.

Battlefield is loaded with a multitude of classes to ensure a player gets the best experience possible. In the game, you can play new roles including a pilot and tanker, as well as a variety of other roles available in past series including assault, support, medic, and scout.

Each class has a unique function throughout the war. Medics must keep their teammates alive in battle while support resupplies fellow teammates. The assault class is great for taking down vehicles with explosives, and the scout is a long-range sniper class that can eliminate enemies from afar.

"Battlefield 1" also introduced a new way to drive. Now you may spawn in your preferred vehicle instead of running around and locating one.

The Battlefield series is well-known and maintains its high standards for fans, who are rarely let down by the next installment. The game was developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

The point of the open beta is to help the developers, as well as the fans, figure out what are the major issues are in the game before its official release. So, help EA DICE out, download the game and get a sneak-peek, and see how you like it.