Barnes & Noble Set to Unveil New Nook E-Reader

Is a new Nook on the horizon?

Barnes & Noble is expected to unveil a widely anticipated, new version of its Nook digital e-reader in an invitation-only event on October 26.

The Nook hasn't been updated since August, when the company created a Wi-Fi-only version of the product that sold for just $149. Amazon has answered with a cheaper version as well, and price cuts seem to be driving the industry.

A Nook 1.5 firmware update is definitely planned for November, the company said on Monday, which will bring a better search feature, faster page turns, custom password protection and the ability to sync across the Nook and mobile Nook apps. Barnes & Noble expects the NOOK 1.5 software update to be available late next month via Wi-Fi or manual download.

"There’s a chance that a next-generation Nook will be available right away, but I would expect that new devices would ship around the same time as the 1.5 firmware, either in late November or early December," Wired writes. CNET agrees, writing that "we presume -- but can't confirm -- that this is for the launch.

Amazon remains the leader in the e-book market, reported, with a substantial lead in the number of titles, more than 700,000 of them. But Barnes & Noble has differentiated itself with its colorful miniscreen and tolerable Web browser, and in-store experience.'s SciTech section is on Twitter! Follow us @fxnscitech.