‘Art of the selfie’ course to launch in UK

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If you’re selfie-obsessed and like the idea of bagging a qualification to prove your expertise in the field of the digital self-portrait, then listen up – a college in the UK is about to launch what’s thought to be the world’s first ever ‘selfie course.’

Kicking off in March at London’s City Lit College, the month-long course offers an in-depth look at the art of self-portrait photography along with practical advice on how to improve your existing skills.

Cough up $200 and you’ll be able to “improve your critical understanding of the photographic self-portrait” as well as “develop your ideas to produce a coherent body of work,” it says in the course details.

According to the college’s website, students will have the chance to dig deep into the world of the selfie, examining “notions of identity, selfhood, and memory” while at the same time critiquing work “from a variety of practitioners,” who may or may not include Ellen DeGeneres.

The course aims to equip students with the necessary tools to “use light and significant detail in your work to good effect” as well as “develop new ideas to make your photography more relevant to your aims.”

Anyone is invited to enroll, including those who have engaged in self-portrait photography “in the most casual way,” so yes, keen selfie takers are more than welcome.

It’s not clear if the course includes a safety element, though judging by several recent incidents that saw selfies go horribly wrong, it could certainly do with one.