Apple Said To Have Plans for TV Streaming Subscription by Christmas

There's been no shortage of rumors swirling around Apple's empire of products, and now the latest has arrived about the Apple TV. According to the New York Post, Apple's VP of Internet Software and Services Eddie Cue has been negotiating with content providers to reach a deal to let Apple offer channels -- supposedly as apps -- for its devices, including the Apple TV set-top box.

According to the report published yesterday, Apple plans to launch the service by the holiday season, with the company's senior VP of Internet Software and Services Eddie Cue acting as lead negotiator on the deal. However, content owners and distributors have allegedly been resisting because of overly stringent terms: Apple would determine both the programming and price that would be available to the public, according to The Post's sources. It was not made clear in the article whether the apps would be grouped together and offered at a fee, or if the channels would be offered one by one, on an a la carte basis.

This comes on the heels of news of Apple TV stocks becoming scant in stores all around the country, with availability for new models listed on or after March 7th, according to The Verge. Either way, all these rumors fall nicely in line with the idea that Apple might be announcing a new Apple TV model at the San Francisco event next week. Stay tuned for our coverage on the ground to see whether this will indeed be the next "one more thing" at the Yerba Buena Center.

via New York Post and The Verge