Apple Could Announce New MacBooks, TV, iPhone at WWDC

June is rapidly approaching, bringing us closer to Apple's highly anticipated Worldwide Developer's Conference (WWDC) and the kick-off Keynote speech on June 11th. As always, Apple is maintaining complete silence prior to the conference regarding new products, updates and features. but there are plenty of rumors that point to an exciting show. Here's a roundup of what we could see at WWDC next month.

Mac OS X Mountain Lion and iOS 6

Both Mac OS and iOS are due for an update and this will almost certainly be a major announcement at this year's WWDC. OS X Mountain Lion has been available to developers for a few months and includes numerous iOS-styled features and mobile integration. iOS 6 is also widely anticipated and rumored to bring an updated Map application based on acquired company C3 Technologies' 3D mapping technology.

Updated Macbook Pro

According to Bloomberg, Apple will also be announcing a thinner and more powerful Macbook Pro this year. The new laptops could include high-definition displays, similar to the iPhone and iPad's Retina Display. Apple may also be replacing their mechanical hard drive with flash memory which would significantly increase battery life and reduce start up time.

These new laptops will run on Intel's new processors, code-named Ivy Bridge. According to tests comparing the Ivy Bridge to the current Sandy Bridge processor, the new chip runs 5% - 15% faster in terms of CPU performance with a 25% to 68% increase in integrated GPU performance.

Apple Television

There have long been rumors of an Apple branded television set. Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs biography only serves to cement this idea, writing that Jobs had "finally cracked" the issues surrounding an Apple television, including iCloud syncing, user interface and complicated remotes.

iPhone 5

Could there be a new iPhone at WWDC? Maybe. In the past, Apple announced the new iPhone alongside the new iOS every year at WWDC. This tradition was broken last year when Apple announced the new iOS but remained silent in regards to a new iPhone. The iPhone 4S was then released in October, at the same time as iOS 5 became publicly available, but the company could go back to an every-June schedule this year.