Apple branded 'criminal' for selling stand that costs as much as an iPhone

Apple has been slammed as "criminal" and "flat-out delusional" for announcing a computer screen stand that could cost as much as $999.

The tech firm was widely trolled on Twitter, with some fans pointing out that the stand is the same price as Apple's top mobile, the iPhone XS.

During Monday's WWDC 2019 keynote, Apple showed off its "most powerful Mac ever" – the new Mac Pro.


It starts at $5,999 (likely £5,999 too) and can be purchased alongside a high-spec computer monitor.

The monitor – dubbed Pro Display XDR – will cost you an additional $4,999 (likely £4,999).

And to top it all off, you can purchase a swanky aluminum "stand" for the monitor for an extra $999 – which will probably translate to £999 for Brits.

All in all, tech site The Verge has estimated that a top-spec Mac Pro could cost $33,720 (probably around £33,000).

Fans were rightly baffled by the high pricing, and confused as to why the stand isn't included with the pricey monitor as standard.

"There was an audible reaction in the whole audience when Apple announced that they are charging $999 for the Mac Pro Display "stand"," wrote @GlitchComputer on Twitter.

"Like not including that for $4,999 is just criminal."

Another user named @John_nguyen0 said: "Can't tell if Apple is trolling people with the $1,000 monitor stand or are just flat out delusional."

@Tyler_Wildman joked: "Debating whether to pay roughly two months of my mortgage or use the same money to buy a F***ING  MONITOR STAND FROM APPLE WHAT THE F***."

And @MOTE_Games said: "If Apple wants to sell me a stand for $999 it damn better be able to stop time or something."

Admittedly, the stand itself is very attractive, sporting a metal aesthetic and magnetically attaching to your Pro Display XDR.

And it allows your screen to tilt to most angles, and even rotate from landscape to portrait mode.

But it's unclear exactly why Apple is charging around £1,000 for a computer, which can often be found for as little as £20 online.

It's also impossible to use a third-party stand with the monitor unless you purchase a VESA mount adapter.

And that adapter will cost you $199 from Apple too – ouch!

This story originally appeared in The Sun.