Rev up your engine. Here are a few apps to hit the road with.

Viper SmartStart
Remotely start, unlock, and monitor your cars location and speed with Viper SmartStart. This app can save you from elements of weather, and the GPS locator comes in handy especially when you forget where you've parked.

A new feature, SMartSchedule, using Cloud technology will run through your daily schedule and will send push notifications to your phone-- alerting you it's time to move to your next appointment-- and with warm up your car if it's cold out.

The vehicle diagnostics part of the app hold information on the health of your car, conveniently on hand at all times.

And you may want to use this feature if  you have a teen driver-- receive alerts to when the car goes outside of set proximity areas or speeds above a set limit.

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The keyless entry version of the app is free, but the in car system costs $299 at authorized dealers like Best Buy.

Download Viper SmartStart: iTunes.

Download Viper SmartStart: Android.

Mobilewalla score: 85 out of 100.

Here's how it works:

Mount your smartphone on your dashboard loaded with iOnRoad. The app warns you of traffic up ahead, distance between you and the car ahead of you, speed limit changes, and will read your text messages for you.

Using the camera, GPS, and other sensors, the app will send warnings to you through audio and visual alerts. Driving directions, maps, your music, texts and emails are made easier to access with the help of iOnRoad. The app keeps you hands free, by reading your data out loud.

Download iOnRoad: Android.

Mobilewalla score: 83 out of 100.

Here's how it works:

Alternative Fuels
If you drive a hybrid-- the Alternative Fuels app can direct you to fueling stations along your route and has a list of roadside assistance numbers, just in case of an emergency.

For vehicles that run on fuel other than that made from petroleum include the following:

•    Alcohols - ethanol and methanol.
•    Compressed natural gas (CNG) - natural gas under high pressure.
•    Electricity - stored in batteries.
•    Hydrogen - a very special type of gas.
•    Liquefied natural gas (LNG) - natural gas that is very, very cold.
•    Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) (also called propane) - hydrocarbon gases under low pressure.
•    Liquids made from coal - gasoline and diesel fuel that doesn't come from petroleum.
•    Biodiesel - a lot like diesel fuel, but made from plant oil or animal fat.

Download Alternative Fuels: Android.

Enjoy the ride!