Dr. Alexa is in the house.

Amazon’s voice assistant has gained several skills that will allow consumers to ask questions such as “Alexa, pull up my blood glucose readings” and get prompt responses, CNBC reported.

The tech giant can now sign business agreements with health providers under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, which means approved third-party health developers can meet the rules that govern how sensitive health information is shared.

Thursday’s announcement was accompanied by the launch of a half-dozen voice programs built by major health providers and companies like Boston Children’s Hospital, insurance giant Cigna and Livongo, which helps users manage chronic conditions.

The tools allow patients to use Alexa to access personalized information such as progress updates after surgery, prescription deliveries and the locations of urgent care centers, according to STAT News.

Amazon said Thursday that it expects to enable additional health companies to use the HIPAA-compliant software.

“Every day developers are inventing with voice to build helpful and convenient experiences for their customers,” Amazon wrote in a blog post.

“These new [Alexa] skills are designed to help customers manage a variety of healthcare needs at home simply using voice,” it said.

The announcement is Amazon’s latest effort in making inroads into the nation’s $3.5 trillion health care market.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post.