Amazon Brings its Music Store to iPhone and iPod Touch

Amazon is bringing its music store to Apple's iOS devices. The service allows users to download music directly from Amazon's massive music library to their iPhone or iPod touch via their Safari browser. Users had previously be able to listen to purchased music via the Amazon Cloud Player app, but were never able to actually purchase music via their devices.

The HTML 5-powered Amazon MP3 store includes 22 million songs, and offers users personalized recommendations, best-seller lists and, of course, customer ratings. Songs purchased via the MP3 store are automatically saved to your Cloud Player, which can then be downloaded to your iOS or Android device, Kindle Fire or Roku player.

During our brief perusal of the Amazon MP3 store, we noted how quickly the website loaded, as well as how easy it was to navigate between artists, albums and individual songs. Don't expect any other changes out of the site. This is strictly a refresh for iOS users, prices on songs and albums are the same as you would find them on your desktop browser. To access Amazon's store visit: