Acoustic-Tuned Headphone Campaign Launched on Kickstarter

Music lovers, are you ready to ROCK? There are headphones for  aficionados hip-hop, jazz and even pop music, but Rock, Country and Alternative have been noticeably absent from the marketplace -- until now. California Headphone Company, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to bring a unique look and audio tuned for a "concert-like audio experience."

The proposed headphones would be made from metal and leather for a nice retro look, that would look good with just about any wardrobe. As far as audio, the company has tuned the headphones to deliver crisp vocals and guitars, eliminating that annoying distortion that leaves a blistering guitar solo sounding weak and hollow.

There are currently two models up for grabs, the $99.95 On-Ear Laredo and the $199.95 Over-Ear Silverado. The Kickstarter campaign has a number of incentives for pledging to the project including becoming the first on the block to own this eye-catching gear. $75 will nab a beta pair of the Laredos, $135 will snag a pair of Sliverados and $219 will net a pair of each.

At the time of this writing, California Headphone Company has raised $8,489 of its $100K goal with 57 days remaining.