Acer Dabbles in Windows Phone, Doubles Down on Android in 2013

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Apple's victory over Samsung in court led to a wave of knee-jerk doom-and-gloom "Death of Android" predictions, along with more reasonable analysis that anticipated manufacturer migrations to the sanctity of Windows Phone 8. At least one prominent OEM plans to buck those projected trends, however.

Sure, Acer plans to release one Windows Phone 8 device in 2013, but CEO Jim Wong has confirmed that the bulk of the company's mobile offerings will continue to run Google's operating system, with five separate Android phones scheduled to ship next year.

Dual-core Qualcomm processors are slated to power the higher-end handsets, while entry-level phones will receive a Mediatek processor. The six handsets will span most of the price range, with entry, mid-level and upper-tier phones accounted for, though the company has no plans to dive into the ultra-competitive ultra-low price tier of the Chinese market.

It remains to be seen how many of those models make it to U.S. shores, however; Wong only confirmed them for Europe, China and southeast Asia, and while Acer has a burgeoning smartphone presence overseas, the company is more known for its tablets than its talk-boxes in the American mobile market.

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