"Fortnite" has made a 14-year-old boy $196,000 richer and he's just revealed how.

Griffin Spikoski spends anywhere between eight to 18 hours a day playing the video game which has made him an internet sensation.

Spikoski records himself playing "Fornite" and then uploads those videos to YouTube.


He then receives a large amount of money from advertising, sponsors and subscriber donations.

His career really took off around nine months ago when he gained 7.5 million views on a video showing him beating a well-known "Fortnite" gamer.

The teenager is from New York and fits his gaming around online high school courses.

Spikoski goes by the name of Sceptic on YouTube and has over one million subscribers.

He has admitted that some of his weekend 18-hour "Fornite" sessions are probably too much.

The teen justified his excessive gaming to ABC by saying "It's kind of like my job."

His parents have hired a financial advisor to help him handle his income and have helped him set up a company.

They see his gaming as a sport and advise other parents to encourage their children if they're passionate about video games.

UK-based esports organization Misfits Gaming actually lists Sceptic as a professional athlete.

Sceptic only has sensible plans for his fortune though as he wants to save it so he can pay for university fees and buy a house in the future.

The teen and his family are traveling to Berlin next month for an international online video gaming convention.

This story originally appeared in The Sun.