11 stupid tech tricks

“Necessity is the mother of invention,” as the old saying goes. But what about stupidity? Read on to find out some of the weirdest -- and weirdly practical -- tech tricks found on the web.

Stuff Your Earbuds up Your Nose

Want to share your music with the people around you, but don’t have any speakers? Use your head – literally. Simply by putting those white iPhone earbuds in your nose and opening your mouth, you’ll be able to astound others with your imitation of Elvis Presley singing “Burning Love.” In our testing, this works inconsistently. Maybe an empty head is required?

Amplify Wi-Fi With a Fork

Imagine this: You're on vacation and searching for a Wi-Fi hotspot. After wobbling back and forth with your laptop, you finally get a signal – and it’s too low to fully connect. Take a long metal object (such as a fork) and hold it over the area where the Wi-Fi antenna assembly is and it could bring an open network into range. Other options: PC World's Patrick Miller recommends using a tin can instead, calling his apparatus a "cantenna."

Boost Your Car Remote Signal With Your Head

The next time you’re lost in the mall parking lot and can’t find your car, try to hold your car remote to your head. Supposedly, the shape of the human skull makes it the perfect amplifier for any antenna.

Make an HDTV Antenna Using Aluminum Foil

With a quick trip to a store, you can have almost all of the materials needed to make a HDTV antenna. Using aluminum foil, glue and a piece of flexible plastic, you can make yourself a fractal window HDTV antenna.

Clean Your Keyboard With a Squeeze Ketchup Bottle

Over the years, dust (and sometimes crumbs) can build up in your keyboard. Most people will use a can of compressed air, but others may find that this solution works just as well. By taking the top of a red, squeeze ketchup bottle and putting it on a shop vacuum cleaner, you’ll be able to get into the nooks and crannies of your electronic devices with ease!

Use a Toilet Paper Tube as an iPhone Speaker

If you don’t feel comfortable having earbuds up your nose, try this trick instead. By simply cutting a toilet paper tube horizontally – to the dimensions of your iPhone or iPod – you will have a set of speakers to pump up the party!

New Use for an Old Beeper

Need a new use for the old beeper that you had in the ‘80s, and tucked away in a drawer somewhere? Two words: chip clip.

Me and My Banana Phone

If you want to appear crazy, be seen in public with a banana phone. Originally manufactured as a cover for your flip phone or bar phone by Cellfoam in 2003, you're more modern banana cell phones have a 3.5-mm audio jack for your iPhone.

Revive Old Cassette Cases

Still have  empty cassette tape cases? Use one as a smartphone holder. By opening it up and flipping it over, you can have your phone standing up on your desk!

DIY Phone Mount for Airplane Seats

For the many passengers who feel that the airline fees are ridiculous and refuse to shell out more money for an in-flight movie, this tech trick is for you. With Just three barf bags, you can have a handy phone holder for watching movies on flights, according to these instructions. Just please – please – make sure that the bags have never been used before making this phone mount!

DIY iPhone Projector

For only $1, you can have a working projector for your iPhone. According to this tutorial, you can make one using a shoebox, paperclip, magnifying glass, and tape. Finally, you can project photos of your pets to show your friends!