Zarqawi's Death: Big Day in the War on Terror

Huge news: Abu Musab al-Zarqawi is dead!

On our show, the most explosive point had to be when we were joined by Michael Berg, the father of beheaded American, Nick Berg. Those who analyzed the videotape of the beheading say the man wielding the knife and slit Berg's throat was Zarqawi. Berg's father, understandably, is still distraught by the death of his son. He told us he was not happy that Zarqawi was dead and says Zarqawi didn't kill his son. He doesn't believe the video of the beheading shows Zarqawi, and thinks investigators are lying.

Berg's father went on to blame President Bush — instead of terrorists — for destabilizing Iraq. I brought up the fact that Saddam Hussein was responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths and tortures before being removed from power and that Zarqawi was the mastermind of hundreds or thousands of attacks resulting in the deaths of innocent Iraqi men, women, and children. He clearly wasn't listening and thought I said "hundreds of thousands." He believes the president is to blame for the deaths in Iraq. It certainly was a testy discussion. I can't possibly put myself in his position to know how I would be feeling, but I granted him that he was emotional and tried to gracefully end the discussion so we could focus on the news of the day.

We could expect the Arab media a reaction: They are questioning if it really is Zarqawi, despite fingerprints, facial identification and scars that have been verified. At the news conference with the spokesperson for the multi-national coalition, one reporter even asked if the U.S. military had known where Zarqawi was and had purposely waited to get him so it would coincide with the final formation of the Iraqi cabinet.

While many people are rejoicing in his death, I rejoice that more people won't be killed because of him.

Details continue to emerge. We will have the very latest for you tomorrow.

Have a wonderful and safe day,

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