Barack Obama really is a rock star now. A racy new music video making the rounds on YouTube puts 2008 Democratic presidential hopeful Obama back in the spotlight, not only as the man to solve the nation's woes, but also as an object of young lust.

The video accompanies the song, "I Got a Crush on Obama," written by 21-year-old Leah Kauffman, a student at Temple University, and 32-year-old New York City ad executive Ben Relles, who knows Kauffman from hometown Philadelphia.

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The song is reminiscent of urban radio ballads, with a sultry-voiced Kauffman singing about how Obama's universal health care policy has redirected her attention away from her longing for 2004 Democratic contender John Kerry.

"So I put down my Kerry sign, knew I had to make you mine. Smart, black and sexy you're so fine, 'cause I got a crush on Obama," says one verse.

The video itself features Amber Lee Ettinger, a 24-year-old buxom brunette actress and model, lip synching the tune in a variety of outfits at various New York City venues. In several fantasy scenes, Ettinger stands besides cardboard cutouts of the Illinois senator, singing along as she imagines standing on stage with him at the Democratic convention or outside the Capitol. In another scene, Ettinger manages to fit onto one t-shirt the trio's Web address, Obamagirl.com.

Relles said he and Kauffman found the directors for the video on Craigslist.

"They were outstanding," he said, adding that they originally posted the video on viral video site Revver.com.

"They made it their video of the day but it didn't take off until we put it on YouTube," he told FOXNews.com

Obama campaign insiders told FOX News they had nothing to do with the video, which comes just as Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign is fielding entries for a song contest.

The campaign insiders said the campaign is fine with the buzz accompanying the new video, as it just adds strength to a campaign that is already going strong.

Relles told FOXNews.com that the group can't explain why the Obama campaign has inspired such creative production from the grassroots, but they haven't talked with the campaign about it.

Inspiration originally came from another risqué satire, the My Box in a Box video, for which Kauffman reportedly won a recording contract with Rock Ridge Music.

"We wanted to do another spoof song," she said.

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