'You're Trying My Patience'

So I'm reading about how foreign sentiment has deteriorated for this country, how we're screwing up Iraq, screwing up the global economy (search), screwing up the environment.

I've had it.

So to those foreigners, and blessedly and clearly, far from all foreigners, may I offer you this advice. If you don't like our military, then never again ask for help from our military. If you don't like how we handle despots far from our backyard, don't call us again when you're dealing with a despot in your backyard. If you don't like our fast food restaurants, then don't go to our fast food restaurants. If our movies stink, see your own stinkin' movies. If we're too in your face, get out of our face. You don't like our money, quit glomming on to our money. You don't like our burgers, try an omelet. Don't like our jeans, try a skirt.

Because you're trying my patience.

You're right. We don't get everything right. But we don't do everything wrong.

We don't expect you to stick up for us out front. We were just hoping for something better than stabbing us in the back.

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