You're a Brave Man, Oliver Stone

So Oliver Stone is starting to film a new flick and get this: It's a critical take on our lame duck President George Bush.

How daring!

How gutsy!

How boring.

What's next for Stone: A movie about the displeasure of diarrhea? Seriously, I've read fortune cookies that are less predictable than this tripe. But let's face it, Stone only makes movies for people who already agree with him. He doesn't just preach to the choir, he gives them a tongue bath.

See, Stone is like a child who puts on skits for his family in the living room over the holidays. He's playing to a besotted crowd — they won't tell him he sucks. It's worse than stabbing gramps with his own Nazi-era decorative sword.

The fact is, true controversy requires more guts than Stone has. If he had real balls, he'd do a movie about radical Islam — the folks who behead Americans for fun. But maybe he doesn't want to end up like the murdered director Theo Van Gogh. I don't either.

But he doesn't even have to do that. Just once, I'd like to see him or anyone currently working in Hollywood try to make a film that doesn't paint America as a bully.

But then I remember that Stone's last flick was a Valentine to Fidel Castro — an endorsement of a criminal that was so bad even HBO wanted to hide it — and they hired Bill Maher and Tracey Ullman.

In the end though, no one will care. The movie will only be seen by smelly grad students and their tapeworms — who, if they had hands, would give the film two thumbs up.

And, if you disagree with me, then you sir are worse than Hitler.

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