So suddenly everyone, everyone is surprised we could be looking at a wampum national sales tax. Everyone, that is, but maybe viewers of this show.


(NOVEMBER 6, 2008)

CAVUTO (on camera): They’re not saying, but I am: Taxes are going up a lot. And not just for a few.

(APRIL 22, 2009)

And now for the big fat lie that must be exposed. Taxes are going up for only a few and going down for more than merely most. Can’t be, won’t be.

(JANUARY 22, 2009)

CAVUTO: Hiking it on the rich alone won’t do it. Now, I’m just saying –

GUEST: No it won’t do it but –

CAVUTO: You know, have at it, but you’re going to have to go down the food chain here.

(NOVEMBER 10, 2008)

You’re assuming you can grow out of it. Most seem to think that you’re going to have to raise taxes on more than just the rich to pay for it.

(APRIL 22, 2009)

Now you can’t pay for all this without getting all to pay for this. 100 percent of us. 100 percent certain… of this.


And now Ken Conrad looking at a national sales tax, a value-added tax and not a single prominent Democrat opposed. I can only sprinkle the crumbs my friends or put it another way: I can lead your horse to water right?

Don’t blame me if you end up being the horse’s ass for not drinking in what I said. Because I’m here to help.

I’m here to warn you about folks who are telling you to paint your roofs white and to seersucker suits. And those who demand, demand, demand, demand that you pay up to 25 percent more for everything that you buy.

Now, you’re getting that here. You’re getting that on FOX Business Network. If you’re getting neither, you’re like a wanderer in the desert – and it’s hot.

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