I have been out a long time, and the thousands of you who have called and e-mailed deserve an explanation.

I didn't get caught in a vat of ring dings. No one kidnapped me. And I never stepped foot in Monaco.

I had surgery on my throat. As you can probably hear, I'm not quite the better of that surgery. It's a complication of my multiple sclerosis.

Now, I don't hide these issues. But I just don't think that they or I should ever be issues.

But enough of you have asked, even demanded that I shouldn't ignore these issues.

Normally, I wouldn't bother passing any of this along. After all, I'm hardly the story here...my travails, I'm sure, pale in comparison to many of your own.

Still, so many of you were so concerned, you stunned me. I kind of feel like Sally Field: "You like me, you really like me"!!

Quite literally, you left me speechless.

In fact, for the last six weeks or so, I was largely that.


I couldn't talk.

Can you imagine that? Me? Unable to speak? Or argue? About anything? To anyone?

So I listened a lot.

And I learned a lot.

I learned that two little boys vastly prefer recounting their day than hearing about my day.

I learned that catching fireflies is a lot better than talking about catching fireflies.

I learned that their laughs always, always trump my words.

And I learned that hearing a daughter discuss her life means a lot more than meaningless lectures from dad about her life.

I heard people exchanging pleasantries in stores.

And a couple exchanging strong words in a parking lot.

I heard it all. But couldn't say a thing.

I do so now because so many of you were kind enough to ask.

I stop now because I'm so humbled you even bothered to.

I guess I was most touched by those of you who said I had become family, and you simply missed me.

I am grateful. Very grateful.

And even though my voice is back, I am still something else.


Thank you. And good night.

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