Your Grrrs: Sept. 8, 2005

Your Grrrs ...

Wishing to remain anonymous in the U.S. Army: Wow, I cannot believe my ears at the reports and accounts of the lawlessness going on in New Orleans. Our country is in a time of crises and people are raping, murdering, looting and killing one another. What kind of sick-minded people do we have in our country? I completely agree with everything that you said. And as for the finger-pointers who blame the government and our president for not responding in time, well I say that they need to cut them some slack. This was a much-unexpected crisis. And our governments were responding. Has everyone forgotten about the utility vehicles going into New Orleans even during the storm? As a Specialist in the United States Army, I am repulsed by accusations of slow reaction time and racism. To think that people will make up things just to make our government look bad. They really need to start realizing that it is the government who is responsible for the free lives we all live. I just pray to God that common sense will once again make an appearance in our country. Thank you for your time and God bless this country.

Matt in California: Grrr to people for blaming the federal government for not acting quickly. Grrr to people for blaming the local governments on the Gulf Coast. You can’t stop Mother Nature. When there is no road to drive on, it’s hard to get supplies in, not to mention trying to get in and evaluate the situation. Having been stationed in Biloxi during Hurricane Georges is 1998, my heart goes out to everyone affected by this tremendous tragedy, especially my friends who have lost everything but their lives (they left as the storm was approaching). Warnings go out before the storm. I’m sure that power was in place and people could watch the weatherman saying that a HURRICANE was coming right toward them. We have known for years that the levees would not hold up him a storm of this magnitude. What good does it do to point fingers now? This should have, could have, would have, and it’s got to be someone else’s fault attitude is getting old. There are natural disasters in every region of the world and it is the responsibility of those who live in that region to prepare as best as possible for that disaster (Flood Insurance, Earthquake kit generators, etc.) It’s not the time to blame people. To those who lost friends and family, I’m sorry and you're in my prayers, but every decision has consequences, and if you choose to live on the coast and not evacuate when a storm is coming, you gamble with your life. I’ll give as I can to help rebuild but I’m not going to blame anyone that I have to do it.

From Dee in Georgia: To Laura in Chicago -- Do you not see all the monies going to Katrina victims? It is day 9 for goodness' sake. Do you want the "government" to stand on the street corner passing out dollar bills to people who have no place to spend them? They are preparing to spend hundreds of billions (by the way more "free" money than we send to other countries) to get these people's lives back to some degree of normal. There are lines in every nearby state trying to set them up for food stamps and other aid. My next point: You stated "Just as many people (mayors, governors etc.) mentioned "where is the help that our government is supposed to provide us in such time?" Do you not understand the definition of mayor and governor? They ARE the government who is supposed to help us, so if they are busy standing around pointing the finger at someone else and looking to someone else to "fix things," then I think you have your answer. Government does not only refer to some ambiguous "federal" entity. We are after all our own government. If charity should start at home, so should governing.

And Mike, thank you for your column. I agree with you about Kayne West. Who is he to claim "my people." I do not see him slugging through toxic water or going without the most basic of needs. I would never question a man due to the color of his skin, however, I highly question Kayne West as to the color of his character. If you ask me, to reduce what these people have and are suffering to nothing more than a race issue is the cruelest of acts ever perpetrated against any people.

From Jason R.: I’m sick of people blaming Bush for slow help in New Orleans. Bush was proactive and declared national disaster areas before Katrina even hit. After the storm, he offered help to the mayor. The mayor told him everything was being handled and was under control, then the next day, was on national news complaining that he hadn’t gotten any help yet. Everyone is asking why it took so long for Bush to send in the National Guard. The answer is he can’t. Unless it is for combat, Bush can’t mobilize the Guard -- they fall under the authority of the governor of each state. The appropriations committee is the body to blame for moving the money set aside for the levee improvement, and they did that long before Iraq. If you hate Bush, fine! If you want to badmouth Bush, go ahead, just yell at him for something he’s responsible for.

Rob in Pensacola, Fla.: Grrr! to the NFL for keeping Kanye West in their season kickoff show. Apparently, an exposed breast is a serious threat to our society, but hate speech is just fine. This country's entire value structure is screwed up!

From Vanessa: I pray to God that it was not a race issue as well ... but I know that it was ... and no, I am not just pointing fingers. I have donated money and have a family in my home. Do you? What about Bush? Does he??? Has he invited any of the people to stay in the wings of the White House or his ranch homes of Texas? Hmmm, I think not. This is about humanity. These people are human beings. I agree with West and Giles. I feel that if this tragedy hit a city that was predominantly white, things would have been different. Things were different after 9/11 but we still attempted to save people even though we knew that most could not be saved due to the circumstances they were in. But here we are with people in homes ALIVE, in the Superdome ALIVE and because we are concerned about order or protocol, we are allowing them to perish? What the hell? Yeah, I pray that it is not a race issue, 'cause if it is, the wrath of God will come down on Bush or whoever has turned their backs on His people; these "Americans!" Thank you for your time.

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