Your Grrrs: Sept. 6, 2005

Your Grrrs...

Kristie in Arkansas: First, let me say that I am deeply sorry for the victims of Katrina. But, I could not believe my ears yesterday ... a lady that had been bussd to the Astrodome in Houston from the New Orleans Superdome was being interviewed. She complained that while they waited, they only had cold food. She was mad that they weren't given ONE HOT MEAL! What an obliviot!!! People in New Orleans are still sitting on their roofs without any food (cold or hot) or water, begging to be rescued. They would be happy to even receive a bottle of water and a few crackers and be off of their roof. AND SHE IS UPSET AT THE LACK OF A HOT MEAL! Anyway, God bless the victims of this horrible tragedy. We will be praying for you.

George in Franklin, Tenn.: Hurricane Katrina is certainly a disaster by any account. No adjectives or tag lines can adequately capture or begin to qualify or quantify the events. But alas, we try and hence my Grrr. This goes out to all the news organizations, including this one. To those whose responsibility is coming up with catchy tag lines, like 'America's Challenge' or 'Hurricane Katrina: National Disaster.' Enough. Don't state the obvious. Yes, the rescue and
rebuild are a huge challenge. Yes, it was a national disaster. But, quit trying to turn it into some kind of marketing item. Thanks.

Laura in Chicago: Mike, thank you for your grrr column, so that we all can vent! I would just like to GRRR our government for not taking charge of the situation down in New Orleans quicker/better. To me it seems that Washington, D.C., does not even want to acknowledge that something so horribly tragic happened on our own soil. Calling this the nation's "worst disaster" is not enough. Just as many people (mayors, governors etc.) mentioned "Where is the help that our government is supposed to provide us in such times?" We have "free" money (I say free in quotes, because it is the taxpayers' money) to send out to every other country in the world, but we cannot even provide that generous amount of money to victims of Hurricane Katrina? Something needs to change really fast, because as I see it, this country is going down the drain fast ... and to kelly in NYC, thanks for mentioning Eva Longoria's comment. Celebrities are a bunch of oblivions who have no idea about how the world operates. And, you're right .. maybe if she would have lost everything in the "little" hurricane, she'd be talking differently!

Nancy in Florida: My first GRRRRRR goes out to the looters who say they are getting what they need to survive. You mean to tell me you need a large-screen TV, a computer and 15 pairs of Air Jordan sneakers to survive???? I can see looting if you are getting FOOD, diapers for your child, soap ... you know the things you REALLY TRULY need to survive. My second GRRRRRR goes to those who are taking pot-shots at those who are trying to help. What the heck is wrong with you!!!?? OK, I feel better now, Mike. Thanks for letting me vent.

Same Fridge in Cyberspace: Pre-emptive Grrrr to the dumb Hollywood execs planning a made-for-TV movie on the Katrina hurricane. Save your worn-out creativity for some sequel. Also a big Grrr to Troy in N.D. who shows his true ignorance. Troy, open mouth and insert foot. Then go read about what the international community is doing to help. Troy knows no charity, since he will have it stop at home. Hopefully you get some intelligence before you pull your foot out of your mouth.

Tom in Colo.: Looking at your list, I can see you carry way too much. You can combine all the functionality of the cell phone, pager and blackberry in one device, if you get one that is properly equipped. I can’t imagine carrying that much stuff! Ditch the cell and pager. Upgrade to a device that uses a Windows OS and has a bunch of memory. I can’t help you with the train and subway passes -- I live in Colorado -- we drive everywhere we go!

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