Your Grrrs: Paris Hilton's Parents

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column...

Ryan C. in Austin, Texas, writes: A Grrr column without a single Grrr? Instead, we get ANOTHER story about an idiot (Paris Hilton) whom no one really cares about. I kept reading, waiting for the real column to begin, but it never happened. If you keep this kind of garbage up you will lose readers! Next story about her and I am gone.

CJ in Hendersonville, N.C.: Mike, Of all the people in this country who have restricted licenses, she is the one person who can well afford to pay someone to drive her drunk butt around. She says she's not dumb. She should give any money she makes off this media crapfest to victims of drunk drivers. Love your column, keep up the good work.

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Susan in Delaware: After reading the grrrs this week, all I can say is "ouch." All that venom probably knocked you right off your elevator shoes. Jane L. and the leech comment? I wouldn't be surprised if you went home and took a shower. You are still loved and much-read in this Delaware household.

Glen B. in Shalamar, Fla.: I am not a betting man but it's hard to turn down a sure thing. With all of the goof advice that her parents are feeding her I would be willing to bet $20 ... heck make it $100 that Paris will be arrested prior to "Father's Day" 2008. Any takers! Oh, and if I lose I'll donate another $100 to Paris' favorite charity.

Roy B. writes: Years ago, it was considered an obligation of the wealthy to act as their social standing demanded and to contribute something to a society that allowed them to reach this standing. It is quite obvious that present day wealth carries none of these obligations and indeed the wealthy of today seem to consider themselves more along the lines of the ancient Romans. Give the poor a loaf of bread and then run them down with your chariot. Just remember that the Roman empire fell because the wealthy rotted away from lead poisoning caused by the trendy fashion of cooking in lead pots. Perhaps the wealthy of today will find a similar poison. We can only hope.

Kristin S. passed on this obit of Common Sense: I received this from a friend and it made me giggle — or angry depending on how much I thought about it. Have a great day!

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