Your Grrrs: Oct. 4, 2005

Your Grrrs compiled by FNC intern Katherine Podkalicki...

Nick, cyberspace: Grrr! To the people using their Nextel phones in an office area. There are enough distractions around without the constant beeping and loud voices echoing across the entire office.

Samantha, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla: Flight attendants are boycotting the movie "Flightplan" because it breeds bad feelings towards flight attendants and depicts them in a negative way? You have got to be kidding me. IT IS A MOVIE!!!!!! Grrrrr to the idiots out there that think the American public is so ignorant as to believe what they see in a fictional movie as fact. Oh wait, I forgot. How many people thought that "Fahrenheit 911" was all truth? Grrr to that too. People need to get a grip and worry about issues that actually matter.

Marcia, D.C.: Teaching babies sign language is enough to make you sick? Nobody cares about war? Celebrities “sob” we need to take care of the poor and starving? What’s wrong with the readers from last week? I would teach my baby any and every practical skill I can; teaching DOES improve learning and more importantly, learning skills. When I feel strongly about something, such as the ignorant readers who wrote to your column, I utilize the right to free speech just like the protesters in D.C. this weekend. Celebrities, like it or not, have pull in our society -- the least they should be doing is preaching something good and helpful, even if they don’t practice it. Do what you want, but don’t criticize those who think differently and sometimes more correctly than you. They say ignorance is bliss, and I’m comforted in knowing the few I’m talking to are living a very jovial and blissful life.

Jeffrey, cyberspace: Your view of the protesters was right on the money: '60s leftover losers and slackers looking for a party. Speaking of the protesters, I have a question about Cindy Sheehan that maybe you can answer. I have seen the tape where she says the Iraqi insurgents are "freedom fighters" and have the right to kill American soldiers. If she TRULY believes this, then they were justified in killing HER son and she has no reason to protest or mourn. Or is she anti-military, in which case she was ashamed of her son and is CELEBRATING his death? Or by the way, she smiled while being arrested. Is she just an attention junkie being used as a poster child by the peace, love, dope, gutless liberal pacifists? However you slice it, the woman has serious mental problems.

Mike, Austin, Texas: I have a Grrr ... the flight attendants boycotting a movie they think reflects poorly on them. If all groups boycotted movies for this self-centered reason, there would be no movies at all. It does not speak highly of their self-worth if they think one movie will influence how people view them in the real world. Or is it just the unions trying to get air time?

Charles, Wichita Falls, Texas: Protesting is a good thing when one knows the facts and understands the ramifications of the of protest. However, most people who protest have no idea as to what they are talking about on a daily basis, let alone on geopolitical issues. I bet most of the protesters can't find Washington D.C. on a map, let alone Iraq.

Shelva, cyberspace: It’s been a couple of weeks but I’m still grrrrr’d over Brad Pitt soliciting money on TV for Africa. If two or three of his celebrity friends would get together and sell their personal islands or even a necklace, they could end the starvation in Africa. Instead they get on TV and try to make middle-class people feel guilty about using their money to pay their bills and maybe grabbing a movie one night a week.

Eric, Salem, N.H.: I can't understand why anyone protests anything. When is the last time you saw the government change their position because a few people who have nothing better to do, or even better yet, students who protest because they think it's a right of passage? The sight of Cindy Sheehan being carried away with that dumb smile on her face made me want to puke. I would have loved to have seen the police take the night sticks to them.

Ed in Johnstown, PA: As far as getting "kids" (protesters) from in front of their TVs, how about this for a novel idea ... GET JOBS!?!

Jason, cyberspace: A big GRRR to all those who think that "kids" who get off their butts to protest are doing the right thing. It's not necessarily the right thing to do, because many of them don't truly believe or know what is actually going on or what they're protesting about. They protest because it’s the "in" thing or because a friend of a friend does it. They (this includes adults) don't form an actual opinion about anything. They are just going with the flow.

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