Your Grrrs: November 8, 2004

Now for Your Grrrs

Michael T. in Cyber-Space: Voting is a right. I agree, but it is also an obligation. I voted this election for the first time in my life. Before, I was like Chris in Conn., exercising my "right" not to vote. How stupid was I? (Don’t answer that one.) It is a citizen's right to vote, a right that has be granted by the blood of countless people throughout time in various countries. Many countries don't get to vote, really vote that is. People who chose not to exercise their "right" to vote should spend some time in countries where our basic freedoms are their greatest desires. It truly is a right to vote, but everyone has an obligation to exercise that right.

Michael B. in Cyber-Space: I really do not understand why everybody is freaking about Ashlee Simpson and her lips. So it was a mistake and she made the best she could out of it. Everybody else does it. For those of you who have a problem with it, I want to see you sing and dance in front of thousands of people. Give the girl a break. I think you all are just jealous because she makes more than you. Grrr! to you.

P.S. If you're reading this: Ashlee — you're awesome.

Guy C. in Virginia Beach, Va.: Mike, I applaud your kind words regarding President Bush and Senator Kerry, but why did you put in the comment, "God bless America"? What has America done to make God so happy with us? Why not say "God bless Cuba" or "God bless Nigeria"? Please don't use that phrase unless America has really done something that God would be proud of.

Luke in Iowa: Mike, just wanted to let you know that I too will be retiring at the young age of 31 due to Boy oh boy, not only did I win ... I won 42 times overnight based on the 42 emails I received. See ya in Jamaica!

Mary Ellen D. in Cyber-Space: I want to commend you for your note on the office of the president: "No matter what my politics are, you'll never hear or read anything said or written by me that would disrespect, personally, the president of the United States — no matter who comes out victorious today." Would that more Americans had this attitude! But our nation is so divisive right now that they don't, and because of that, I would like to nominate you for the Stupid Lit'l Dreamer award. Also, I love the new Spot the Oblivion feature. It's fabulous! Thanks, Mary Ellen.

B. Geist in Cyber-Space: Thank you for you Grrr! column. It is an oasis in a desert of Oblivions. I would like to submit a term for your Grrr! glossary: Tech NO-talent, which would be applied to Ashlee Simpson and others like her. Their talent is solely based on the available technology. Keep those Grrrs flying.

Kaye V. in Cyber-Space: If any of you media people watched Ashlee Simpson’s reality show where they followed her around for weeks leading up to the release of her album you would have seen the trips to the doctor where they showed major lesions on her throat caused by severe acid reflux. The doctor had to give her medication and forbid her to even talk for several days because her throat needed a chance to heal. I don’t know why that is so hard to believe. I’m sure when she was asked to do SNL she did not plan for the problem with her throat to flare up so I say grrr to you and say give Ashlee a break!

Tawanda in Alexandria, Va.: You say Vote or Die is the dumbest thing you've heard or seen. Why is it, because you could not come up with something to get the young adults to vote? When people do positive things people always find something wrong. Get a life. Have a nice day!

Michelle Z. in Cyber-Space: I'm writing to all the smart people that had a Grrr! e-mail about the FBI message before movies. (That was a sarcastic comment.) For one, it's there for a reason. So stupid people that do copy movies and get fined for it don't say "I didn't know that." It's like a warning on a product — you can't sue the company if they have the warning there. It's kind of pathetic that you write an e-mail about a 10-second message. Just thought I'd let you know that.

"Registered Voter" Curtis educates on "Vote or Die:" The reason you don't like the slogan is because you don't understand it. Let me educate you. In the hip-hop, rap and gasta-rap world, there is a universal slogan that goes back to the Tupac Shakur days. It is "Ride or Die," the translation: I'm going to do whatever it takes even if it kills me doing so. This is the language the hip-hop community understands, so it make perfect sense in using the slogan. Still, you can have your opinion, but at least now you're educated free of charge.

BettyJane in Massachussettes: My Grrr! has to do with driving at night. Now that we've changed the clocks, it's dark when I drive home from work. Why are so many car manufacturers building cars with two sets of headlights now? It's illegal for me to drive in traffic with my brights on, but it's OK for these ImporTants to drive behind me, blinding me with their double headlights. I use the thingamabob on my rearview mirror to cut down on glare, but it doesn't do much good, and the sideview mirrors are still there (Why isn't there a thingamabob to cut down glare on those? Grrr! #2.)

Kate Tate in Cyber-Space: Come on Mike — when is the Grrr! gear coming? Do I have to make up a shirt and sell them on eBay for you? I want to be the first in line when FOX makes them!! P.S. — the videos are awesome! Please tell me you really did not slam your head that hard on that rail/fence!

— No. I'm hardheaded, but not that hardheaded.

Until Next Week ... Grrr!

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