Your Grrrs: November 16, 2004

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Doug K in Baltimore: I watched your old (Jackson 5) interview (last column). Don't beat your self up, it really was quite good. Thanks for your view of the world, all of your Gr-r-r's, etc., I really agree with you!!

Michael D in Wash, DC says "just go": What happened to my buddy? One of my good friends from high school (in Upstate NY) wanted to be an actor, so he drove cross country to LA and apparently has become a political activist. Is that the 'in' thing to do in Hollywood? Is he trying to further his career? Is he afraid he'll get blacklisted if he expresses traditional Upstate NY views that existed at the Catholic high school we went to? My real Grrrr, though, is that he has threatened to move to Canada. I told him that he's my buddy, but seriously, he should just go. The country would be better off without him and all his new Hollywood buddies. I read a good quote the other day which I think sums up this election: No matter who you voted for there are no losers because when you wake up in the morning you're still an American. So if you want to get out of the United States, seriously, just go. Something tells me these wannabe Canadians will be back real soon.

Nicholas L in St. Louis, MO: My Grrrr! is to Curtis (last column) who appears to have not listened in his elementary school history classes. Because "Vote or Die" actually comes from a cartoon written by Benjamin Franklin on May 9, 1754. The cartoon contains a snake cut into 8 pieces which represent 8 colonies, underneath the snake is a caption that reads "JOIN, or Die". The cartoon was made to make a point of colonial unity. So ditch the notion that Tupac or P Diddy was the originator of " " or Die. And that lesson will cost you the time it took to read this response.

Amanda H. in Florida: Curtis educated you on "Vote or Die," so I would like to educate Guy C. on the phrase "God Bless America" (last column). If Mike were saying that America had done something God was proud of then he would have said "God blessed America." What Mike said was actually a request of God to please bless America so that we can do something more with our country than bicker over whether homosexual marriages should be recognized as equal as the marriage sanctioned by God or kill unborn babies that, in God's words, he knew before they were even conceived. Please, God, bless America.

A. Milano of the USMC: I am a 24 year old Corporal in the United States Marine Corps and Stationed at Cherry Point, N. C. I read your column every week and I just wanted to say thank you for the comment you made about supporting our Armed Forces and not turning your backs on us like with Vietnam. I am just glad that you recognized us and spoke up for us, not too often do we get that and I really do appreciate it.

James F is a "Stupid Lit'l Dreamer:" In response to "Michael B. in Cyber-Space" (last column): I really don't care that pop stars lip sync but you claim that "Everybody else does it". That's simply not true. There are plenty of talented musicians and entertainers out there who have spent years honing their craft and get a lot of personal reward and satisfaction out of the spontaneity of a live performance. I'll call them artists. As a musician myself, I would never pretend to play over a prerecorded performance so to your comment, "For those of you who have a problem with it, I want to see you sing and dance in front of thousands of people", I say bring it on! I dream of such an opportunity. I guess you could call me a "Stupid Lit'l Dreamer."

Russ in Cyber-Space: Well elections have come and gone and I didn’t vote for a president, again. I’m not sure if this makes me a bad person or unpatriotic or any of the other (potty word) that folks are slinging at those that exercise their right not to vote. In related matters though, I did vote for a senator, a congressman, a state senator and assemblyman, state justices(well one at least, 3 seats were in contention), some school board officials and a mayor. It was just the presidential race that didn’t offer me a candidate that I felt was worthy of my vote. My vote is a very powerful thing and I refuse to cast it for the undeserving. Here’s hoping my non-vote will really stand out and the parties will try to produce better candidates next time around instead of once again subjecting us to a lesser-of-two-evils election. Or maybe I’m just another stupid lit’l dreamer.

Lesley K. in Cyber-Space: TV Stations refusing to run “Saving Private Ryan” on Veterans Day because it’s too violent. In my opinion, the news is TOO violent, the world is TOO violent, but such is life. It seems hypocritical to run everyday violence on the news, but not a depiction of real-life violence in a movie, which I’m sure was all over the news then anyways. GRRRR!!!!!!

J. R. Guth: If the little Simpson gets your gruff up, how do you think those of us who actually can perform live music feel? There has always been a bias for those who have already "made it." Look how much airplay the new U2 song gets. That thing souds like it was pieced together from an assortment of old studio tapes and certainly doesn't live up to their reputation or capabilities. Anyway, here we play in our annonymity making great music because we like to and giving it away free to our family and friends who like to come out once in a while.

—J.R., I feel your pain. Everytime I turn the TV on and see a Real-ity (former TV gameshow contestant really) hosting a show that people like me don't even get a chance to audition to host. It happens everywhere, but it stinks just the same.

Eric "The Next Big Thing From My Own Hollywood:" Good ol’ Ashlee Simpson. I just have to laugh when I see that video clip of her screwing up. How funny. Straka, you are right on about how anyone can become a pop star. Look at William Hung, the infamous American Idol “loser” who now has a record deal, a DVD and groupies???? It makes me think I can make a beat, get neon lights, funky sunglasses, a fishnet shirt and sing while doing the truffle shuffle and make millions.

Margot in Golden, Colorado: Concerning inferior entertainment, most of it is, I remember in the 70s and the auto makers were foisting Mavericks, Dusters, Pintos and Gremlins on the American people. While that was happening, Japan was importing a lot of very reliable cars and people started buying them. This entertainment industry is the same. There is nothing but junk coming from the coasts and people are changing the channel, they stop buying tickets and are getting fed up with rich, spoiled kids, who, incidentally tell us how to vote because they are so smart. I will tell you what is smart. I quit watching television. That is smart.

And there you have it.

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