Your Grrrs: Nov. 28, 2006

Here are some of your responses to Mike's last column:

Neal L. does some talking on George Clooney: While I agree that Clooney has, to his credit, done some fine acting, he certainly doesn't limit himself to letting "his work do the talking." In fact, according to WorldNetDaily, Clooney joked that "Charlton Heston announced again today that he is suffering from Alzheimer's." While that statement might have been ascribed to a poor attempt at humor, when asked about the remark by New York Newsday, Clooney said "I don't care. Charlton Heston is the head of the National Rifle Association. He deserves whatever anyone says about him." George Clooney certainly has the right to his opinion, but regardless of your position on gun control, implying that anyone deserves Alzheimer's is cruel and offensive. If you want to highlight someone who "lets his work do the talking," please -- pick a better example. Grrr!!

Charles in Tenn. writes: Michael Richards apologize? Give me a break. The two African-Americans who heckled him in Hollywood deserved what they got. Just another example of the “I’ll dish it out but I’m not going to take it” culture. If you insult someone, then be prepared to receive an insult in return and then don't whine and cry about it. Take it like a man. Did they think that Michael Richards doesn’t have feelings? I think Mr. Richards had every right to give it right back to them and I don’t think he should apologize. Why is no one demanding an apology from the hecklers for what they did? Jerry Seinfeld can go take a flying leap. And as for Paul Rodriguez’ comment "Once the word comes out of your mouth and you don't happen to be African-American, then you have a whole lot of explaining (to do)" -- total crap from a total moron. Let me get this straight -- If I’m black, I can use racial slurs, but if I’m white, I can’t? And people wonder why we still have racism in this country.

Jack in L.A. writes: I saw the Michael Richards clip over and over again, ad nauseum. I also saw his weak and fruitless attempt at an apology. But maybe some good can come from his tirade. Don't hide or cower from the media firestorm, use it! He is now banned from the Laugh Factory, maybe he could open up his own business ... he could call it: Kramer's Komedy Klub.

Bryan C. from Hobbs, New Mexico writes,: It appears from your Borat reference that I am not alone in my Borat Grrrrrrrrr. I have not seen the movie, and will probably wait for it to come on Pay Per View before I do, but my Grrrrrr is that the movie appears to be a man who dresses up in a stereotyped version of an Eastern European, and then begins to exploit all the negative perceptions of an Eastern Eurpoean, and along the way pokes fun at some average Americans. I wonder if I dressed up in blackface and other stereotypical African-American garb, and went around exaggerating all the negative perceptions of black culture, would I get a movie deal, and then make millions all for exploiting the negative perceptions of black people?

Laura in Colarado writes: Mike, I finally broke down and found the video of Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah's couch. I didn't think it was that big of deal. I thought it was kinda sweet. I'm sure that there are many women who would love to have a guy so in love with them as that! I think that it's just a case of everyone hating Tom and finding stupid stuff to pick at him for. No, I'm not a Tom Cruise fan, the movies of his I like I like because they were good, not because he was in them. I think that people should cut him some slack. How many of us would like our odd behaviors spread all over the news? I say congratulations to him and his new wife and baby and I hope they live happily ever after!

J. Perkins Waiter GRRR: When did it become an acceptable practice for waiters to hand your food across the table to you instead of placing it on the table in front of you? When I waited tables, and yes it's been a long time, it was the waiter's responsibility to respectfully place your meal on the table in front of the patron. Now every time I visit a restaurant, the waiter stands in one location and hands your food out. I'm sorry, but you are the waiter, wait on the patron, or get tipped accordingly. And speaking of tips, it seems waiters "expect" their tip these days. Sorry, that's not the way it works.

Leslie T. Starbucks Cup Size GRRR: This Grrrr goes out to Starbucks and their cup sizes. Why is "Tall" a small when the word "tall" evokes large things? Why is "Grande" a medium and "Venti" a large? "Venti" means 20 in Italian but the large size is not 20 oz. (however, their extra-large size, available in some countries, is called "Venti" and is actually 20 oz.) Is it just me, or does this seem like a byproduct of elitists? Does this bother anyone else? I'm not asking that they change their sizes ... I just like to complain about trivial matters sometimes. Dunkin' Donuts still has the normal size names -- in fact, I recently saw an ad for DD lattes which read, "No GRANDE ego." Exactly. I'm not about to start boycotting Starbucks or anything, as I do enjoy some of their products. But when I place my order, I loudly say "small," "medium" or "large," because that is English.

Mary R. in Springfield, Mo., Thanksgiving shopping GRRR: I made the mistake of deciding to head to the local grocery store yesterday after work, not really thinking about the fact that everyone and their uncle would be there also. Off I went, short list in hand ... which immediately separated me from everyone else. Apparently, the very act of making out a list is so exerting as to deter most from doing it at all. So there I stood in the dairy aisle (all I needed was a small carton of cottage cheese) behind a line of Obliviots three or four deep who had apparently contracted selective amnesia. Taking no notice of anyone or anything else, the first one in line proceeded to stand in front of the cooler with her cart next to her and purvey the butter selection as if the decision were a life-changing one. After an "excuse me" muttered through clenched teeth, I grabbed a carton of cottage cheese and foolishly decided to brave the baking aisle. All I needed was brown sugar, but I was immediately tossed into a whirlwind of wide-eyed, wide-mouthed chaos. Condensed milk is condensed milk, folks. No, you can't use brown sugar in place of white, and if you "just don't know what to make," then maybe you should GO HOME, take stock of what you might need (recipes are helpful), write it down, and come back. Who knows? Others might follow suit and we all might just get through this holiday with a little less Oblivionism.

Kathee's Kelly Ripa GRRR: My GRRR is for Kelly Ripa going after Clay Aiken. She says Clay acted inappropriately by putting his hand over her mouth? What about her? She practically hogged the entire interview, not letting him get a word in edgewise. Then, after the show, he apologizes to her, realizing he went too far. What does Ms. Ripa do? GOES PUBLIC with this, spouting off about something the poor guy already apologized for!!!! That was completely unprofessional of her and she deserves a big GRRRR. I bet if Bo Bice put his hand over her mouth, she wouldn't have minded a bit!

Vernon from Texas writes: As a parent of seven children all of whom were breastfed, I see this incident with the Delta flight as interesting. The mothers say they have a “right” to breastfeed their children in public, and on that I agree. What about the rights of the people around them? Don’t they have the right to not being subjected to the scene of breastfeeding if they feel uncomfortable? Whatever happened to common decency? Wouldn’t the breastfeeding mommies be offended if someone decided to light up a cigarette next to them? While they both may have the right, it certainly shows bad taste. This is just another case of the people in the minority whining just to have things their way. So I say, who are the babies now?

Dena from Minneapolis responds to Kelly S. (Your Grrrs: Nov. 21, 2006): I found your Grrr about the Salvation Army bell ringer absolutely disturbing. You and your need to be "thanked" for everything you do is what's wrong with our country. We give because we want to give, not because we will get a "pat on the back." Why can't anyone be generous without getting anything back in return? The man was probably freezing and was giving up what little time he had left to sit there by the kettle. Plus, what if it was an urgent phone call? Did you ever think of that? Why don't you put yourself in his shoes next time before you get on your self-righteous horse and judge him?

Megan from Sandwich, Ill., responds to Christine M. from Cincinnati: Polamalu may wear his hair long as a tribute to Samoan heritage, but he also runs the risk of injury by being pulled down by it. Funny how the players on the Samoan national rugby team (a highly respected team throughout world rugby) wear their hair trendy, but short, or even bald (as can be seen by the player profiles on their Web site). Rugby is much more physical than American football (continuous play and continuous tackles without pads and helmets), yet there are fewer injuries. Common sense goes a long way, even for "Samoan warriors."

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