Your Grrrs: Nov. 1, 2005

Your Grrrs compiled by FOX News intern Katherine Podkalicki.

Laura from Illinois: My Grrr goes out to the lady at the Nordstrom Rack. My friend and I were enjoying a nice day and ventured to The Rack for a little bargain shopping. We were standing in a very long line waiting to pay for our purchases when the lady in front of us turned around all flustered and said to us: "I forgot something! I'll be right back! Hold my place in line!" And with that she walked off, NOT EVEN WAITING FOR OUR RESPONSE. My friend just looked at me in disbelief. So we watched this woman. She went to the opposite side of the store and browsed the socks and pantyhose. She then worked her way back to the line and said "Do you mind? Thanks." Again, NOT EVEN WAITING FOR OUR RESPONSE or looking at us for that matter. She then wedged her way right back in front of us. This woman was larger than us and looked like she could have taken us so we were afraid to argue. Where I come from, if you get out
of line, you go to the end of the line. Have the rules changed?

Anne from cyberspace: I'd like to send a message to the road-hog bicyclists of the world:
MOVE OVER! These are not the individual riders out for some exercise. These are the Competitive Cyclists, complete with Official Riding Gear, including the Proper Helmet, Coolest Shoes and of course Padded Riding Breeches. And the bazillion-dollar bicycle. If there is a narrow lane to the outside of the white line, USE IT. I know you are too cool to use the sissy lane, but you are impeding traffic.

Chris from cyberspace: I'm beginning to think that the Oblivions are starting to outnumber the
rest of us. Last night, my wife and I went to our daughter's chorale concert. The number of inconsiderate people was beyond belief! We were surrounded by teenagers kicking the back of our chairs, people on cell phones during the singing, small children being allowed and even
encouraged to talk during the singing, people reeking of cigarettes and body odor and people standing up in front of others to take another picture. We have spiraled down as a society so fast in the last 50 years, it's truly frightening.

Jennifer from Oklahoma City: Just as bad as the newly rehabilitated ImporTant is the vegetarian ImporTant. The individuals who make sure everybody know that they don’t eat meat and just as you’re ready to bite into a steak, they say something like, “I don’t see how anybody can eat flesh. Don’t you realize you’re eating FLESH?!” I can eat whatever I want, thank you very much!

Yemisi from Philadelphia, Pa.: I’m currently taking a photography class and one Mr. ImporTant seems to think he is also a lecturer in this class. He probably is under the illusion that his invitation to teach the class got lost in the mail or something. Whenever anyone asks the actual lecturer a question, this ImporTant proceeds to answer, cutting off the lecturer most times, and
confusing the heck out of everyone (the rest of us all look at each other with irritation on our faces). He interjects whenever he feels like it to share tidbits of information he believes us less knowledgeable folks simply can’t live without. I just want to get up and club him over the head with his camera. He can’t talk if he’s passed out, can he? Grrr!

Jeff from Bowling Green, Va.: My Grrr is this: Why don’t the media showcase people who have never become addicted to substances? Their typical stories teach the lesson that you can be an addict, quit and be successful at anytime, which is fine, but they need to focus on people who have had the determination, desire and value system not to get involved in that kind of lifestyle. Instead of glorifying negative role models on a continuous basis, they need to show our youth (and adults) that one can enjoy life, be happy and achieve success without engaging in risqué behavior.

David from Blue Springs, Mo.: My Grrr! goes out to the oblivions who design the much-too-short public sink faucets. I am often irritated with the faucets barely long enough to provide a stream of water over the rim of the sink; why even provide a large basin if only a small fraction is to be used? Instead of walking away feeling cleaner, I am left with the questions of how to get my hands completely wet without being a contortionist, and how many other people have bumped their hands against the same sink wall trying to get their hands under the water?

John from New York: At the end of the day, the vast majority of the grit-eating, gum-chewing, got-nothing-better-to-do-with-my-time American public will devour the baby pics of the future little narcissist Sean Preston with delight. I am not at all surprised that these publications will pay for such photos because the unwashed masses will buy said magazines in astonishing numbers.
Hollywood really needs to get over itself.

Norma from Studio City, Calif.: When will Hollywood realize that remaking old classic films is not what the movie-watching pubic wants to pay to see? I think no one could top Peter Sellers as Inspector Clouseau, or "The Party." What is with these trends? What about ORIGINAL writing??? Studios too cheap to hire new people with fresh ideas? Do they think the public is too stupid to deal with more intelligent material?

John from cyberspace: Grrrr to all the oblivions who don't understand their headlights have two settings ... low beam and high beam. If you drive around with your high beams on when there is oncoming traffic or you are following someone, you are causing a hazard and maybe
responsible for a wreck. Basic rule: if you can distinguish two separate headlights in the oncoming traffic ... NO HIGH BEAMS! If you are following someone ... NO HIGH BEAMS!

Terri from Kenosha, Wis.: Perhaps Ms. Spears is upset that the value of her "precious bundle of joy" pictures has seriously decreased ... because as a no-talent bimbette her 15 minutes of fame have past. With expensive tastes, a husband with a roving eye (and serious problems keeping his fly secured) and a new child to support, she's going to need some serious steady income.

Matt from cyberspace: I can’t believe we give so much attention to stars. People, get a grip!!
Like we need to see more baby photos. Who cares?

Jen from cyberspace: Britney was upset because she decided she did not want to publish any photos of her child. She felt like she was selling her baby out. She stopped negotiating with People for the rights to her photos, but then the photos still popped up on different Web sites. Yes, she was going to sell the photos at first, and probably give the money to charity. The only reason she deals with People magazine in the first place is because they tell the TRUTH and not GOSSIP. She knew sooner or later pics of her son would come out, so she figured if she gave People the right to the photos, paparazzi wouldn't hound her as much because the photos they eventually got of the baby wouldn't be worth as much.

Jason from cyberspace: GRRR to journalists who feel the need to put a phrase in parentheses
in the middle of a direct quote. If you’ve got a statement in quotation marks, don’t add anything!
If you do, it’s not a direct quote anymore! Half the time you further confuse me trying to figure out how what you added makes sense with what they said. Print it just the way they said it! I’m sick of having to reread every other sentence in an interview trying to figure out what the subject said. I don’t care what you thought they meant.

Ed from cyberspace: I too hate when people wear their sobriety as a badge of honor.
However, I sometimes have to break it down for people who do not accept my polite "no thanks." After three or four times refusing a drink without going into my personal history, it is just easier to say that I quit drinking. At that point, I probably come off in the "I-take-myself-very-seriously tone," but Grrrr to those that won't accept my initial refusal.

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