Your Grrrs: March 21, 2006

Your Grrrs...

Joann on "AI": While not a fan of it myself, you are right there is a lot of alternative entertainment which I choose. However, my question to you is what is so innovative about the gong show without the gong?

Joel from Austin, Texas, responds to Andy who wrote about the power hungry cop from last column: I cannot disagree with Andy more. He tries to justify this cop's bad behavior by blaming it on someone else. Trust me, I work with stupid people every day of my life, but that doesn't mean that everyone is stupid and that I should treat them as such. If you had mentioned in your column that you raised your voice and all, I could understand him getting and attitude, but there is absolutly no excuse for this. There is no justification, either. Andy, shut up. You don't know what you are talking about. As much as they can make me mad at times, I have all the respect in the world for our cops and I thank them for everything they do.

--Joel, thanks for e-mailing Your Grrr with the right header!

Miss Carter M. From Louisville, Ky.: I love your column, and I have a major Grrr for the city of Chicago. I love Chicago, and visit it multiple times a year, so some friends and I decided to go north for spring break to enjoy the St. Patrick Day's festivities. We purchased "City Passes" to visit the museums/aquariums and attractions, and saved a shopping trip to Michigan Avenue (the premier shopping area of downtown) for all day on Saturday. We planned out the shops and in what order we would visit the stores before leaving for the day. After dinner (around 7 p.m.) we had around four major stores left that we do not have in our hometown, so we set off to hit them before they closed at 9 p.m. Lo and behold, there was a major gathering right on Michigan Avenue to protest the war and the three-year anniversary. This protest forced many of the stores to close early, and the streets to be blocked off by police, who would not allow visitors to cross from one side of the street to the other. Our party was split up, with my fiancé and I on one side of the street and the rest of the group on the other. The rest of our party had never been to Chicago before, so we had been leading the entire way and they were lost without us. The police officers would not allow us to converge with the group, nor get to the side of the street with the train lines. Many other out-of-town visitors were lost too, and there was no answer except to "wait until the protest is over to meet with your group." The protest was to last over two hours. Some Oblivion gave the permit to allow this protest on a weekend with many out-of-town visitors, and a location where these guests visit. Grrr to Chicago for allowing this mess to occur.

G. Ringmacher writes: Why is it so hard to find your column on the FOX News Web site? It used to be hyperlinked on the front page, now it isn't there and most of the time I can't even find you on the FOXLIFE page. I hope you didn't make the boys upstairs angry. I enjoy your column and as a new mom have limited time to myself, so please talk to someone so it doesn't remain a treasure hunt.

--G, just bookmark, and no, I haven't made the anyone upstairs angry ... at least this week. Then again, it's only Monday...

Anneleise C. writes: OK, the Teri Hatcher thing has gotten way out of hand. While I understand her need to get it off her chest (I was molested too), I think therapy is a better place for that to happen. Yes, I also understand that she is a celebrity and "God forbid" the media find out about it before she could spill her guts. Then it would look like she was hiding it (gasp). No, it would look like it's her personal life and therefore none of our business. Celebrities make big bucks and have lots of fans that could care less whether she was molested or not. For goodness' sake, it happens every day. There will always be sickos out there ready and waiting to prey on the weak and frail. Such is life.

Also, kudos to Sgt. Fred! Thank you for not taking offense at Mike's law enforcement officer rant. I happen to agree that this happens a lot. However, as you said, it is (hopefully) the exception and not the rule. I think we can all agree that the majority of law enforcement officers are out there to make a difference and for that we should all be grateful. For those "power hungry" cops out there: Shame on you.

Patrice in Syracuse: Further Grrrs to the entertainment industry. George Clooney donated his Oscar goodie bag to hurricane relief. Must every decent gesture be accompanied by a public announcement? Oprah gives away cars, makeovers, appliances, etc., in one "charity stunt" after another. Can't celebrities ever just be generous for the sake of being good and not the publicity? To justify the "airing" of such gestures, they cite the need to motivate others. But, make a private phone call.

Jill in Cyberspace: Have you seen "Spamalot"? I saw it last night with my husband, and thought it was great, and so very funny. David Hyde Pierce was amazing. Some Hollywood and TV stars are just plain talented, no matter what the venue. Check it out.

Joseph G. in Delaware: Response to Rick W. from Texas. I don't think anyone voted for John Kerry because of his hairstyle. The youth of America voted for him because they either a) don't believe in the Iraq war or b) don't think religious beliefs should be law. To attack a political party because you think young people are ignorant is, in itself, very, very ignorant.

Scott A. writes: I enjoyed your piece on different forms of entertainment, especially the part about reading. I am an avid reader, and have been ever since sixth grade. In fact, I prefer reading to most other forms of entertainment. I hope you do more stuff like this in the future.

K.C. of Oceanside: One huge Grrr to the people that manufacture and tag women's underwear. What in the name of God makes you think physically sewing the tag onto the article of clothing is a good idea? Know what it does? It leaves a huge gaping hole for anyone that rips, tugs or cuts the wrong way. It's bad enough I have to peel 20 stickers off every pair ... I think one even had a cell phone advertisement stuck to its bum. People do eventually want to wear these things, you know. Not to mention we'd like to wear them before they get all holey from having to wrestle off the tags. Why don't you just superglue the darn things while you're at it? Of all the things to make complicated, the underwear people just gotta' raise their hands to volunteer. Obliviots, the whole lot of them.

--On a somewhat related note ... (I just had to print this one)

Angela from Houston writes: Is it just me or, or is the ultra micro-mini denim skirt on females under the age of 18 getting out of control? Here's my "Top 10 Things I Learned From Attending the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo," where there were hundreds of these little prostitots walking around in what I like to call crotchless denim underwear.

Top Ten Things I Learned at the Rodeo Last Night-

10. You can wear crotchless denim underwear in public and not get arrested (aka super super-short denim mini-skirts)

9. If you are female under the age of 18, the required rodeo uniform is crotchless denim underwear, a barely there top and cowboy boots. Bras and underwear are optional.

8. Body weight and the size of your gut does not disqualify you from wearing crotchless denim underwear.

7. Parents probably have no idea their daughters are wearing crotchless denim underwear.

6. If you are a female under the age of 18, wearing crotchless denim underwear and cowboy boots does not make you look older, more sophisticated or like Jessica Simpson. It makes you look like a prostitot.

5. Wearing crotchless denim underwear will get you extra koozies at the Ford tent.

4. When I was in high school, our Rocky Mountain jeans may have been suck tight, but at least our a-- was covered.

3. Prostitots wearing crotchless denim underwear always travel in groups, never solo.

2. Our daughters (should we have any) will not be allowed to wear crotchless denim underwear if they want to have a social life.

1. I've seen enough crotchless denim underwear to last a lifetime.

And you think I have issues?

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