Your Grrrs: June 19, 2007

Here are some of your responses to last week's Grrr! column...

Shelly writes: My GRRR is to Angelina Jolie. She makes a movie about freedom of the press and then spits in the faces of those who are trying to exercise such freedom. But that’s just the latest, she’s actually a GRRR repeat offender with me. She goes on and on about the importance of family, yet she doesn’t speak to her own dad AND she’s a homewrecker herself. Her whole life is an act. She acts like some kind of royalty and people buy into it. She throws her money around, adopts all those kids and she’s an instant Mother Teresa. There are plenty of people who would do an international adoption if they could afford to do so. If she is so charitable, why doesn’t she start a foundation to help with adoption expenses for everyday people? But, wait … that wouldn’t give her an opportunity to parade around like Earth Mother savior to orphans and brag about how wonderful life with Brad Pitt is? Everyone seems to forget that she totally shacked up with another woman’s husband -- just moved him right in -- but it doesn’t matter because they are such lovebirds, right? And Billy Bob was her soul mate, too. She wore a vial of his blood on a necklace, probably until he figured out what a nut job she is. Mark my words, she is a female Michael Jackson … she’ll get weirder every year. Eventually there will be an investigation.

Tasha writes: Like Stephanie, I’m appalled by Gisele Bundchen's theory that "no one's a virgin." I’m very proud to be a (26-year-old) virgin; I’m in no way ashamed of my decision to refrain from sex until marriage. The fact that Gisele has the ability to influence today's young girls is sickening. And it's sad that she doesn't realize she has given/is giving such a priceless gift away time and time again. The way I see it, having sex outside marriage is to actually steal it from the man who deserves ALL of the woman he marries. I completely agree ... I CANNOT wait to give my husband ALL of me!

Francine writes: YOU ARE HYSTERICAL!!!!! I am dying laughing here!!! Before today I had never read your column, although is my homepage. I saw that you had a comment about "The Sopranos" ending and wanted to see what you had to say. I LOVE what you wrote! I somewhat agree ... but I mainly liked the ending. Anyway, I continued reading and am CRACKING UP at your column on food. Isn't that the truth?! I can't stand food noises, nor can I stand kissing noises! EWWWWWWWWWW! I

AM COMPLETELY skeeved out by people kissing and making noise! I want to gag when I hear it. and my husband says, "Who kisses like that?! That's disgusting!!" So, just wanted you to know you are now going to be my daily read.

Dottie writes: Along the lines of eating sounds, I hate to sound non-romantic but hearing couples on TV or in movies slurping each others' faces noisily makes me nauseous. Moan or even scream all you want, couples, but YUCK to the spit sounds!

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