Your Grrrs: July 12, 2005

Your Grrrs ... compiled by FOX News interns Michelle Siegel and D.J. Shooter

Mark in cyberspace: I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to your column. While those left lane vigilantes drive me crazy, there is another group that gets under my collar even more--rubberneckers! I don't understand why people must slow down to gawk at someone else's suffering that is happening on the shoulder on the far side of the interstate!? Let it go and move on or do you need more time to get out your camera and take pictures? Someone else's misfortune is not your entertainment.

Noel in cyberspace: My GRRR is why do kids (and some adults) think we like to look at their underwear? This is so disgusting and how did it become a fashion? I can't go anywhere without seeing a pair of pants half way around a person's knees with their underwear showing. Whether it's a female or male, it is equally gross and what's even worse is older people trying to be cool and dress in this way. No wonder where the kids got it from, and yes, I have teen daughters, and if they changed on the way to school I promised them I would go to the school and embarrass them as much as they embarrassed me!! Parents do your job, please!

Lauri in Southern California: I have to agree with Chris in Ohio about people leaving their carts in everyone else's way while they "obliviously" do other things. I can go one step further about the people who feel they must stop in Costco and get a free sample of the many foods they give out daily. They literally stop themselves and their carts in the middle of the aisle while they pig out and act as if they haven't eaten in weeks. I have resorted to literally pushing their carts out of the way with my own to get through. Doesn't seem to faze them. They keep pigging out. The same ones do not stop at one sample either. You seem them downing more than one at each food-give-away location. Thanks for listening and LOVE your GRRR column.

Chris in Bloomington, Ind.: Am I the only one getting sick of the new media trend that insists on giving celebrity couples a combination nickname? First it was Bennifer (Affleck and Lopez). After the engagement broke up, another Bennifer was born (this time with Garner). Then along comes Brangelina, and now TomKat. I have a new nickname for all of the trendy celebrity couples identified with cutesy nicknames: Combliviots.

Renae in Florida: I agree with the slim pickings on TV, but I disagree with you about Martha Stewart. Think about it: she is a multimillionaire with a show that was on TV for a very long time, a product line at Kmart and a VERY successful line of magazines. Who made her a multimillionaire? Lots of us that truly enjoy her and her work! Someone had to be watching the show, buying her products and subscribing to her magazines. In fact, it must have been lots of someones to make her so successful! I was devastated when she was convicted, mostly because I knew that Martha Stewart Living would go off the air, and I loved that program. Therefore, I look forward to her new show! I realize she did break the law, but I feel like they threw the book at her to make an example of a celebrity. Why do you think her show won’t last? She seems to have a Midas touch, because all of her business endeavors turn to gold. Open your mind -- the series hasn’t even started yet. And if you’re objective, you might even enjoy her show.

Sherri in the Midwest: Here's my grrrrr, it just happened to me again! Why in the world do people pull up to the gas pump, fill it and then go inside the station and get a cup of joe and sit and chat with the clerk? Don't they realize there are others here who are in line to fill up? Today, the obliviot actually came to the door with his coffee, saw me in the line behind his truck, leaned his arm on the door and proceeded to continue chatting up the clerk. What really gets me too is that the clerk must not realize that her job is dependent on people like me getting to fill up my car or she might have nicely asked the man to move along since another customer was waiting? Actually, that man could not be called an obliviot because he saw me sitting here, so he has truly become the plain 'ol idiot.

Ellen in Arizona: Your idea for a new CEO each season resulting in new industries, locations, business challenges and especially seeing the inside look at these business icons is BRILLIANT! That would make for the best reality show ("The Apprentice" is the only reality show other than "American Idol" our household watched. Yes, watched for a season or two. It's just a yawn-yawn after that.) Your idea would keep us tuned in and would result in a manic state of obsession on whichever weekday night the show would appear.

Denise in cyberspace: That is the BEST idea. Why not pop on the phone to Burnett and pitch the idea? Seriously, I think that would be great, and it would definitely broaden the scope of the show and what folks are seeing right now. Why not put something out there that the average Joe might actually be able to do? TV at the moment tends to go to extremes with its contestants. They either choose Barbies with NO intelligence or personality, or SUPERGEEKS with too much intelligence and no personality or folks that people just can't see themselves as being. They can't put themselves in that picture.

Karen in cyberspace: I, like Chris in the most recent Grrrr column, also have a 14-month-old girl who goes to bed at 8:30 every night. We live right in the middle of town and there have been these little monsters who since the middle of June have continued to light off illegal and very loud fireworks in the alley behind our house. I can't get angry at these kids, after all they are 10 and 11, but where are Mommy and Daddy? There is no way I would be that rude to allow my kids to do this late at night in the middle of a housing development. A few days ago, I called the police on these rugrats and lucky for them, the police took their usual 45-60 minutes to arrive. Point is, have some respect for your neighbors on Oak Street in Canal Winchester, people.

Steve in cyberspace: By constantly harping on the existence of Left Lane Vigilantes, you have exposed the most obvious Obliviot there is -- the Lead Foot Loser. Not only are these people too busy and too important to be bothered with that little sign that says "Speed Limit," they have to exceed it by 15 or 20 miles per hour, while weaving in and out of traffic, talking on a cell phone and flicking cigarette ashes out the window. I'm no Left Lane Vigilante, but these people need to understand that their dangerous form of multi-tasking puts myself and other drivers at risk.

Roger in cyberspace: My Grrr goes out to those oblivions at rock concerts who remain standing the duration of the event, even when everyone else in the entire section is sitting down. I was at a Santana concert here in Milwaukee last weekend, when the 40ish woman in front of me (directly between me and Carlos, naturally) stood up, threw her hands in the air and began gyrating hypnotically during the opening number. She did this during the entire concert, despite the fact that her embarrassed husband and two teenage children were sitting down, and despite the fact that people around her, including her husband, where asking her to sit down. Helloooooooo! I paid $90 for these tickets! Other people here!

John D. in Fairmont W.Va.: I have a habit of coming into the office every day and telling everybody what my "daily whine" is, so I figure that this may be a better forum. Why do the everyday Obliviots have to become Left-Lane Vigilantes? I leave my home in the mornings at 6 a.m. to hit the gym before work. Now, I do realize that it is after 6 and the sun is starting to come up, but when it's foggy, PLEASE, can we turn our lights on??? ESPECIALLY when they are driving in the fast lane at 55. I can only assume that they can't see that well through the fog/darkness, which is why they are driving so slow, but how oblivious do you have to be to not realize that other people can't see you??? Are oblivions equipped with special Paris Hilton-like night vision??? My wife may get on me about being an aggressive driver, but at least I'm a courteous driver. Obliviots who refuse to use there lights/turn signals/common sense need to be off the road. It's a great way to reduce road rage! Thanks for letting me let it out.

Dan in cyberspace: I watched some of Live 8, and it was good. But I have to wonder why all of these artists are willing to help people in Africa while there are people suffering in their own backyards. I can picture Bob Geldof and Bono discussing plans for Live 8 and how the aid will be distributed to Africa while stepping over (or on) homeless people on the sidewalk. What makes Africans more worthy of help than the starving and homeless people in America or England? Is it because they're across an ocean and the artists don't have to face them when aid doesn't come?

Lisa in Indiana with her Grrr: I felt the need to respond after feeling sick to my stomach listening to the reports about Shasta and Dylan Groene. When will the Obliviot lawmakers, judges, lawyers and anyone else involved with sick sexual child predators like Joseph Edward Duncan realize they cannot be rehabilitated, let out on bail or let out of jail or prison for good behavior! How many children will be hurt, molested and killed while the obliviots let them go about their merry way to prey upon kids! Wake up people! Dylan and the rest of the family would still be alive (and Jessica in Florida) if we realize these people must never be let out. I guess since they are children without a vote, they are not important enough!

Nancy in Florida: I went to our local CVS Pharmacy today to get about 10 digital pictures printed out from my memory stick. They have this neat little machine that is self-serve where you can pick which pictures you want to print and can even crop them and fix red eye, etc., and print them yourself. Anyway, when I got there, a woman (an Oblivion, I presume) had just ordered 242 prints on this machine which would take HOURS to print. I just wanted to print my 10 little pictures which would take a couple of minutes, but I had to wait until her pictures were done (which I chose not to do). Wouldn't it have been a little (a lot!) more considerate if she had ordered these through the regular photo center and free up the machine for those of us who just want to do a small print job? Who knows how many other customers got turned away? Just a small GRRR in today's world of terrorist attacks, but still an inconvenience and a waste of my valuable time.

William Smith in cyberspace: I usually enjoy your column. Keep up the good work. One point: I finally figured out that you're complimenting people with your "SLD" tag, but it sounds so insulting that it took me a while to get it. How about changing it to "smart lit'l dreamer"?

William, it's based on the Supertramp song "Dreamer." It's a term of endearment. See the Grrr! Lexicon.

Roger in cyberspace: I've been thinking about the so-called "reality" shows. Aren't they actually game shows in a different package? What's the "real" difference between Ken Jennings competing on "Jeopardy!" and the latest "Survivor"/"American Idol"/"Apprentice"/ trying to win $1,000,000/record contract/job with Trump?

Keith Pulley in Washington, D.C.: Tell Mike in Cyberspace (from yesterday) to read "Jackbooted Nags" by Gene Healy on FOX's own Web site. Seriously, can you please at least forward him the link? (Thank you Cato Institute!) Even in California, in San Francisco no less, there are plenty of dive bars that allow smoking because the owners, the employees and the customers ALL smoke. Should they all stop because you walk in? Go take your kids to TGI Fridays or Ruby Tuesday with all the other Oblivions in this country. Leave me to my Maker's Mark and every once in a while, my domestic & Turkish blend Camel. BTW-- Straka! Keep up your good work, my friend. I just hope for your own sanity you don't let the oblivions really, truly get to you. Remember, you are above it. And, thus you should feel pity for all the folks who don't have the brain power to think about anything or anyone other than themselves. It's so sad, isn't it?

Bryan Dorr in Milwaukie, Ore.: If you plan to do a show called "The Intern," just remember this name: Bill Clinton. We all know what happens in his version of "The Intern!"

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