Your Grrrs: Jan. 17, 2006

Your Grrrs....

Kilene in Cyberspace: I try to not let the obliviots or Wal-Martians get the best of me, because there are more important things in life to worry about. But sometimes there is an obliviot so big that he or she can't be ignored.

A little over a week before Christmas, when the kids were still in school, I was leaving Wal-Mart and walking with the cart to my car when this complete and total obliviot backed out her SUV, missing me by inches. I was forced to back up with me yelling at her and waving my hands to tell her that I was there. She didn' t stop and I knew she saw me because I saw her eyes on her rearview mirror looking at me.

I was never so tempted in my life to throw a can of soup at someone. Of course, that would've been bad on my part. Had I been just a few inches ahead, she would've hit me head on. And I can't even think of what could have happened if a small child was there instead of me. She might have been in a hurry, I don't know. But she could have at the very LEAST waved her apology, but NOO, she sped off without even a pause.

Keith in Norfolk, Va.: A Grrr on Pamela Anderson and her issues with KFC Founder Harland Sanders' bust being displayed at the Kentucky Capitol. Most likely provoked by PETA, this is another example of "I'm famous, you have to listen to me." If anything, her bust has done more to set back TV standards than Harland has harmed chickens.

DJ in the USA: Mike, you're a wimp ... not insisting they take your gift card for the coffee is one thing ... but what kind of man are you to let some guy smack you off the head with his butt, not once but how many times? You must have liked it ... no other reason to not have at least said "excuse me ... may I get out of your way"... you make my skin crawl.

Tim in Cyberspace: Regarding Self-Righteons walking out in front of speeding traffic ... Grrr!! I know the law says pedestrians have the right of way, but what about the laws of physics? A typical person's body is just not going to stop the average 3,000-pound car! And this is amplified by the possibility of an Oblivion behind the wheel. I, for one, will continue to look both ways before crossing a street. Keep up the great work!

Joel in Austin, Texas: What can be said for the "Polignorants"? As I sit here, I can't help but think about all the upcoming elections. Here in Texas, we have a lot of politicians coming to our campus and giving their speeches. Nothing gets me more than to see these idiot students at these events yelling and screaming for this person they know nothing about. GRRR! to them. The best is when they sign up saying they will vote for him/her, and God knows they won't vote at all.

Matthew T. on the road: Finished reading the article on Self-Righteons. Even though I hate the slow person in the left lane, let's remember that the posted speed limit is just that: a limit, not a must-have to (unless a minimum limit is posted). The left lane is for passing, so if the person is passing a slower vehicle, they have the right to be in the left lane. Maybe instead of crying about this you should slow down (remember tailgating is illegal), take a breath and get to where you are going alive and unstressed. The “Left Lane Vigilante” is always going to be there, and last time I checked they, too, have the right to be if they are following the rules of the road.

Sharee in Denver, Colo.: I don't believe Starbucks franchises their stores. I once read that all Starbucks stores are company-owned except those in airports or stores like Target, and this is for reasons like not being able to own a piece of an airport or a Target. Whoever told you that may have been a new barista or they didn't know what they were talking about.

Sharee, you are right, Starbucks only licenses to independent operators, but that doesn't discount the fact that Licensees don't take my Starbucks gift card, either!

Shan in San Angelo, Texas: Grrr! Yet again ... does ANYONE give a #@$% if Sean Penn smokes? Is he so arrogant that he thinks people are truly concerned about his bad habits. I personally don't care if he smokes 10 packs a day!

Allen L. writes: The other night I was in the fitness center doing my thing. I and at least 20 other people were watching the Rose Bowl on one of the many televisions when, click!, it changes over to one of those raunchy talk shows. Everybody is looking at everybody. Then everybody turns around to look at somebody on a treadmill and with the remote in hand.

This painted-faced lady was oblivious that others were watching a program and didn't even acknowledge those who made comments to her. When some of us went and spoke to the front desk clerk, the channel was changed back to what everybody else was watching -- the Rose Bowl. Not only did the lady stomp off, she had the gall to say -- in a fitness center of all places -- "How can you all watch that crap?!?" I just don't get these people, and I certainly don't know what to call them! Mike, can you help me with a new name for this type of person?

Allen ... that's your typical Oblivion.

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